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Gun Running

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it was george bernard shaw, about a century ago, who parodied this very lucrative but immoral profession: gunrunning.

if one could think of a profession which is evil, it is trading in arms. i forget the context, but it was a major ??? who during world war 1, remarked, that no matter who won, HE won, because he supplied the guns & bulltets to both the sides.

dear public, if you think, mankind has developed over the century, i would request you to think again.

today, it is a trillion dollar business, which keeps the economy of the u.s. alive ( i believe this). the best brains, instead of improving the lot of humanity, are channelled towards hegemony of a sort, that is in contradiction to the ideals of the u.s.a.

this is an article about the world of arms.


you might wonder, how so many indians have so many lakhs of crores in swiss banks. one only need to look back at bofors scandal in early nineties.

Arms Industry Trade Us$ Military Small Weapons International

i hope this thread grows.

thank you.

ps: yes, it was shaw, commenting on the game of cricket, remarked, that it was a spectacle, displayed by eleven fools, and watched by eleven thousand fools :)
that is in contradiction to the ideals of the u.s.a.


Whatever may be the ideals of USA within the confines of its borders -- having permitted slavery and counting Negros as 3/5th of a human and so on, yet they have a come a long way, and India and other countries must learn from and emulate -- but when it comes to foregn policy US is am imperialist and neo-colonialist power, there is no ifs or buts abut it.

The US hubris is unparalleled in history. The list of overt and covert US military intervention is longer than any in the history of the world, all combined. Much of the problems we see in all the continents of the world today, can be traced to this arrogance of USA. There is something in the water supplied to the WH. Even relatively liberal presidents like Carter was bellicose while in office.

One of the indications of this hubris is their firm belief that their foreign interventions are altruistic. The rest of the world will be better off if only they are little less altruistic.

One of the few instances where I can't agree with you more, Shri. Nara. What the USA has forgotten is the sword can never be mighty in the long run. All they have to do is look at the hegemony of previous mighty empires (the Spanish Armada, the French, the British Empire) and where they stand today. It is a pity they don't understand that life is cyclical and not linear. Even countries are answerable to the karmic law.

I saw an interesting you tube video branding CIA as the worst terrorist organisation in the world not even answerable to the US president and involved as you said in both overt and covert operations, disinformation campaigns and overthrowing governments. When it comes to making decisions there are too many power centers in Washington just as in India and I feel a American President is as helpless as an Indian PM. So I don't think Obama can be any different from his predecessors. Read this letter by an American mother whose son is in military originally produced in the LA Times which sums it up pretty well.

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