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God fearing

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Sri Jambu ji,

A very interesting doubt that you have put forward as a thread in this Forum for discussion.

I would like to share my views on this subject to the extent I could know and the way I think about God Fearing.

We all know that there are -

1) People who just believe in the existence of God
2) People who don't believe in his existence
3) People who believe in God but not seeking his guidance for life
4) People who believe in God and just love him with out any expectations
5) People who believe in God and are God Fearing, thinking that if they do something against the God's principles of good & descent life than they would be taken into task by the God.

The fourth category -

4) People who believe in God and just love him with out any expectations

I believe such people rarely exist among we human beings in our social life with commitments and responsibilities through out the life. This attitude is possible only for a hermit who wants to get rid of all sort of bondage and live in isolation & salvation, just meditating God. Such people would find their own happiness and are contented with what they could get.

The rest of the people, living actively in a socialised setup may be just expressing their opinion about God, without really knowing for themselves as what really they have determined about God as a part of their life.

The fifth category -

5) People who believe in God and are God Fearing, thinking that if they do something against the God's principles of good & descent life than they would be taken into task by the God.

If people of the same attitude (category 5) unite, than they would feel that their life would be in harmony. The attitude and belief would match between the couples ensuring that both will act and react keeping in mind that if they do something seriously wrong against each other or with any one, God will teach them a befitting lesson.

So its believed that such people would be the right match for each other and would be in safer hands.

It is believed that people who are God Fearing would not be hurting others at least for the fear of GOD.

The others who don't have the fear of God, may do what ever they want in order to satisfy themselves the way they feel. Such people have the tendency to do what they feel and what they like unmindful of whether their actions would hurt others associated with them or not.

Many such people are found to have changed their mind set and belief on God during some part of their life.
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Dear Shri Ravi You have cleared my doubts in great detail.Can what is true for the kid be true for grown up adults to be married also? Ummachi Kanna Kuthidum stuff is fine for kids.
Does it work for adults? Jambu
Sri Jambu ji,

I feel that the whole concept of God Frearing, which you have linked with matrimonial subject, used among grown up adults has nothing to do with kids.

Kids are kids and can not get into his/her own philosophy and or can not understand that of other grown ups.

Kids are threatened with the statement (as u have indicated) - "Ummachi Kannai Kuthidum", even for any silly mistakes that a child may do, so that the child can be restricted from doing the same mistake in future. This statement is apt to be used with the kids, as they are kids. Majority of the mistakes they do without their knowledge and can not understand the adult's point of view for an action considered to be wrong.

But the term God Fearing among the grown up adults have different connotation.

Grown up adults are completely educated in terms of life at least. A grown up and matured adult knows what is wrong and what is right, based on his/her religious believes and or social standards.

There are lots of grown up matured adults who strongly believe that "Manasaakshi" and God are interlinked. Many grown up matured adults in a traditional (at least) family set up are taught to never go against their "Manasaakshi" and the principles of life, that is believed to be administer by God.

So, such grown up matured adults who strongly believe in God will try to avoid doing mistakes knowingly or unknowingly for fear of God.

The mistakes of we grown up matured adults are no way similar to that of kids. I believe we all will agree to this unanimously...

Some of the grievous mistakes that many of we grown up matured adults are prone to do with or without our knowledge may include -

1) Cheating others for the sake of self benefit.
2) Spoiling the life of others out of jealousy
3) Trying all the devious means to succeed in life in the way one want
4) Keen to have and having premarital and extra-marital physical relationships
5) Hating others with utter despise and criticizing others out of discrimination
6) Looking down under-privileged people and considering them equal to animals
7) Making fun of other’s physical disabilities
8) Creating problems to others and breaking head in temples for peace of mind and success
9) Gaining superiority complex and misbehaving with others
10) Thinking oneself as a very successful man out of one's own efforts and making fun of others who is crying at the feet of the God due to the problems that are all out of his/her control.

There are many other major mistakes that many of we grown up matured adults are indulging in.

Hope this would help you to distinguish between "God Fearing" attitude of prospective bride and grooms and that of threatening statement - "Ummachi Kannai Kuthidum" used by grown up matured adults to educate Kids.

Another expression I find browsing through the matrimonial in Hindu is the bride or groom is God fearing and look for similar partner. Should you be afraid of God or should you have faith or belief in God. What God fearing really convey? Jambu:(
hi jambu...
god fearing means may be doing puja/vrtam/anustanam and visiting temples...may not be modern western culture/aetheist....generally
follow faith in god.....

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