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Forthcoming union budget

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[FONT=&quot]I expect the forthcoming union budget will address these issues.

1. Fresh incentives to infrastructure, health, education, tourism and export sectors, in addition to [/FONT][FONT=&quot]expanding the existing ones.

2. Tackling unemployment and under-employment.

3. Addressing power deficit on a war footing.

4. Providing all-weather roads and safe drinking water to all villages in the country.

5. Raising the personal income tax exemption limit.

6. Restoring the standard deduction for the salaried class.

7. Reducing the interest rate on housing loans say up to Rs.30 lacs.

8. Rooting out the menace of counterfeit currency notes which are in circulation to an alarmingly [/FONT][FONT=&quot]higher degree than could be

9. Penalising lavish expenses and purchases - by lavish I mean only those which the top 10% of [/FONT][FONT=&quot]the citizens can afford.

10.Encouraging aviation sector to open up further and development of small and medium [/FONT][FONT=&quot]airports.

11.Introducing more reforms and transparency in telecommunication sector (namely, mobile [/FONT][FONT=&quot]phones/cable TV/DTH)

12. Prevention of road/railway accidents in which thousands die or get permanently incapacitated, [/FONT][FONT=&quot]every year.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]13. Providing nourishment to under-nourished and impoverished children.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]14. Banishment of corruption with a beginning from lower levels. [/FONT]
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Dear Sri Pannvalan Ji,

Really, you are expecting all these from a government that has never delivered on creating wealth, in it's history?

If you want to see what the government's management capabilities are and how they manage - please do not look no further than a once proud private airlines called AIR INDIA.

What needs to be a private economy that will resolve the problems you mention above, in government's hands will only be the tools to create more problems and issues. Putting one's faith in the Indian government to resolve social problems is like looking for gold under a rainbow's end.

Just my two cents.

The Budget

Nation awaits with bated breath
Taxes more certain than even death
Will there be sops and concessions
Pardon for those intending confession

Reduction in excise and customs duties
In cosmetics ; Creating more Indian beauties
Will sedans and air conditioners be cheaper
And keep the Farmer ever the pauper

What will it hold for the personal tax
Mercy for those who escaped the axe
Newer schemes and increased layout
Incompetent babus getting their bailout

Spate of Rajiv, Indira and Nehru scheme
State of nation, nowhere near their dream
Taxing the poor and sparing the cream
The middleclass, nowhere in the frame

Tall promises interspersed in long speech
Quality of life, surely not in anybody’s reach
United in failure is the Indian political clan
Without execution, what use is a best laid plan

World wide Intellectual Property Rights belong to : Me

(IPR certificate will be produced on request)
Fantastic hariharanji, absolutely enjoyed this, yet again. You have such an amazing flair for expressing things, hope you will try past life regression and put your experiences into a poem someday in future..really hope you will, wud love to read it.
Hello, nice flow of words which has made me pen one below:

Ah, the Indian budget
Ever the convenient widget
For greedy minds does it sway
To make the common man pay

Certainly does the market rise
Of stocks and shares, beware the price
Gains to those who are near
And pains them who gamble while afar

Merry does it swing, the merry-go round
Will rupee change against the dollar and pound?
Will there be sops, again this year?
Blowing to waste, money of the tax payer

Round the corner does inflation wait
A game of statistics, but only to bait
Haunted are we, with the number dame
All we want is one fair game

Another year, yet another try
Await the people, yet another cry
Ah, the Indian budget
Ever the convenient widget
World wide Intellectual Property Rights belong to : Me

(IPR certificate will be produced on request)

Dear Hari,

I have sincerely apologized in yet another thread for the misunderstanding!! I enjoyed it too.. So no more IPR verifications.. Cheers!!
good stuff hari and sapth... good stuff poetry writers.

one of my regrets (extreme one too at that) is the lack of teaching of appreciation of poetry in the current curriculums.

my nephews and neices, who grew up in the 90s, have no clue about appreciating the fine arts.

i think, the current emphasis of math, science is good, but it would have been nice, to have balanced it with some poem and essays.

we were made to byheart and recite poems in the class. nothing of that sort nowadays, so i hear. if this is true, it is sad.

re the indian budget, i do not know much about it.

but, i can wish, can't i? i wish for any method, so that the indian economic pie can be increased in size, so that the poorest of the poor, get some hope.

and ofcourse,.... all of pannvalan's wishes too. :)
I agree with Pannvalan sir.

Given the goodwill and the mandate, one expected UPA to do more especially for the middle class. But they have come up with disappointing stuff.

a) The failure to reinstate Standard Deduction and increase the exemption limits has come in as a shock.

b) Pranab Babu however seems to listen to the corporates ; While the Left was clamouring for taxing dividends at the hands of the recepient and the corporates demanding the abolishing of dividend distribution tax, Pranabda has done a fine balancing act - done nothing. It helps the rich and hte famous corporates to "structure" their incomes in the form of Dividends

c) To boost the realty sector, the deduction on home loan interest was expected to go up but Pranab again disappointed the middle class.

d) The most disheartening outside of the personal tax regime ofcourse is the Fiscal deficit. sitting pretty at 6.8%, pranab has given FRBM a go by.

e) Increase in NREGA was expected. afterall the biggest factor for UPA's return to power.

f) Particularly unhappy about the outlay on power. Seems too little when the entire country is in the grip of power shortage. soon every household will have all the white goods but no electricity to run them.

g) Pranab wants to climb back to a GDP growth of 9% but i dont know how he will do it if he is not placing more money in the hands of the indian consumer.

Pranab had the opportunity to script history, alas, he has blown it.

Desires, hopes fill the mind
Only to see it all grind
The wizard weaves his magic
To many it seems tragic

Take from here, put it there
No one knows it proper and square
Tasteful as the brackish mud
Hits the depth with a forlorn thud

The reach so far, path too tiring
Chances to change are fast expiring
Nothing but a power game
It is but a national shame

Analyse it up and down, by the side
See the holes, gaping far and wide
Faraway is the Indian Budget
The ever convenient Widget
Enjoyed it Sapthajiva.

While i cant match his/her eloquence, here's my take, post budget, a kind of walk through of Pranab's speech.

Five minutes past eleven,
In the parliament, his haven
Pranabda rose from his chair
With budget contents, his ware

Two budgets, interim and final
Back to Back, event surely seminal
Acknowledging his rare honour
Pranabda flaunting UPA’s banner

“Deeply conscious of the faith”
He said, of a billion people – A nation
“Restless, engaged and ready to seize”
It’s a duty, to deliver as they please

Wanting to get back to high growth
A statement in all essence, the truth
Pulling people out of poverty line
Ensuring they had enough to dine

Agriculture, high next on his list
Important part of the policy gist
Crucial to support the India Inc
Lest more jobs go down the sink

Education , need of the hour
Meeting demands for power
Expand reach of social safety
Meeting aspirations of society

Increasing outlay for the Railway
And for the roads and Highway
Meetings needs of nation’s transport
The message he wanted to import

Mumbai would get a new drain
Commuters not be stranded in rain
Emerging energy source, natural gas
No money, only blueprint he has

Extends waiver period of farm debt
Off their feet, farmers are swept
Entire world, the farm hands feed
It’s a very small gratitude indeed

Additional allowance for farm irrigation
Hoping it will better farmer’s situation
Wanting to restore growth in export
Schemes abound, in this budget report

It is to Kautilya’s advice he’ll abide
Puts Adam Smith and Keynes aside
Message that is more than implicit
Get back to discipline on fiscal deficit

Direct transfer of fertilizer subsidy
Sending farmers into a rhapsody
Expert Group for petroleum price
Any increase, Left will cause an uprise

Easy tax filing, welcome by finance comity
No use of papers anyway with coffers empty
PSUs can now be owned, by you and me
Incompetency not left to go scot free

August house was further informed
That financial sector will be reformed
Expanding the reach of rural banking
To this, rural masses got be thanking

Next comes all important NREGA
Architect of UPA’s victory saga
A minimum of 100 rupees a day
Pranab says he w’d willingly pay

Food for poor, now secured by a decree
Rs 3 per kilo, just yet, cant give it for free
To weaker sections he turns his attention
More to be done, said without pretention

Female illiteracy, to cut by half
Arent they man’s better half
Increasing outlay for those in minority
Sounding the “right” noise is sonority

He turns next to issue of health
Doing so, builds national wealth
Need to move fast on climate change
We are all in it, none left in estrange

Every need to increase military spend
To homeland security we need to tend
One Rank will now have one pension
Ex-servicemen needn’t have any tension

India is the Commonwealth’s host
Show, about which we’ll hopefully boast
Allocation for the suffering in Lanka
Contented, will he be, dear Mu ka

Pranab is, dear Bengal’s own man
For Aila, he does all that he can
Proceeding to give budget numbers
Snoring their way are few members

Arming himself with a grinding axe
Subjecting peoples incomes to tax
Providing only a marginal relief
Dashing many a hope and belief

Small increase to exemption limit
To do any more, finances don’t permit
Tax free export profits will stay
He does extend the tax holiday

Fringe benefits will not be taxed
He has been, successfully coaxed
For greater equity increases the MAT
Like a conjurer pulls rabbit out of his hat

The Left, no doubt surely in thrill
To see more taxes in Finance bill
Commodity tax is but abolished
Indian Tax regime is well polished

Pranab does his bit for the charity
Doing his bit for increased clarity
Excise and customs, his next stop
Some taxed more, few given sop

Exporters needn’t pay service tax
GST from 2010, hopefully without lax
Direct tax proposals bring no revenue loss
Indirect yields more for economic cause

Concludes saying road wont be easy
This is no time to sit back and be lazy
Ends by quoting the father of nation,
We wonder whether Sonia is in station

Capital markets give a thumbs down
TV shows put up their anchor clown
Budget, the statement of Govt intent
Impossible for all to be ever content
Mr Hariharan

All things fair and proper
Enables the mind to prosper

What was once a mute whisper
Now resonates, loud, clear and crisper

What is skill without use? I ask
And belabour a more glorious task

Unknown, the knowledge of the Self, I bask
Covered in layers of character mask

Know me not through the lines
But by the gist it entwines

Hear me, O the fluent bard
I am merely another in the card

Gesture of respect do I send
For what you have so readily penned
hari, sapth:

defintely taking the standard of this forum to new heights. - quality, humourwise and jimply jolly good stuff :)
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