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teacher is teaching science & the topic is "electricity"

teacher: to a boy, son what i have written on white board?

boy:mam "eletratity"

teacher: no pronounce correctly it is electricity

boy: "eletratity"

teacher: no electricity


teacher:after some time, ok call your father tomorrow

father came.............................

teacher: your son is called eletratity to eletracity. i made him understand a lot that it is called eletracity.

father: mam poor boy seems to have less capatity

teacher: you also, has any other elder member from your family also here?

father:yes my birg brother

teacher: ok send him inside

teacher to his big brother: sir ur son call eletratity to eletracity & your brother told that his capatity is less

big brother: ohho such a tiny matter and you did its publitity all over.

teacher with anger: send someone else from your family

big brother 0k ji my father will come

teacher to his father: sir your grand son called eletratity to eletracity & your younger son told that his capatity is less & your older son told that you have done needless publitity

grandfather 0hho, these dumb ppl don't know nothing, they have never even faced a univertity.....
Not open for further replies.

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