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Don't let this be a mere joke


Active member
An American visited India and went back to America where he met his Indian friend who asked him
How did u find my Country?
The American said it is a *great country*
With solid ancient history
And immensely rich with natural resources.

The Indian friend then asked.
How did u find Indians?

Which Indians??
I didn't find or meet a single Indian there in India.

What nonsense??
Who else could u meet in India then??

The American said..

In Kashmir, I met a Kashmiri...
In Punjab a Punjabi,
In Bihar a bihari,
In Karnataka Kannadiga,
in Maharashtra Marathi,
in Rajasthan Marwadi,
in Bengal Bengali,
in TamilNadu Tamilian,
in Kerala Malayali,
in Telangana Telugu,

Then i met
A Hindu,
A Muslim,
A Sikh
A Christian,
A Jain,
A Buddhist,

And then lots of Jats
(burning vehicles, vandalising public property, blocking roads & railways, paralysing whole country demanding 'Quota' in Govt jobs under the garb of upliftment. I learnt that it means life-long salary without doing any work. Hence in great demand by all sects & exploited by self-seeking politicians).

And many many many more......
But nøt a single Indian did I mèét ....


The Indian Army,
The Indian Air Force &
The Indian Navy.......

...The only identifiable entity.

Think höw serious this joke is..

The day would not be far when indeed we would
Become a collection of polarized states as some
Regional & Parochial anti-national politicians want...

The Indian Army/Navy/Air Force are the ONLY adhesive holding the geographic entity of India together both in war & peace (collapse of civil adminstration in maintaining law & order/ natural calamities), and despite being slighted & short changed since independence. But for them, India as we know it would have ceased to exist long ago.

Fight back -
Always say *I am Indian*

help sprèád this messäge............... *Be a true Indian*.

Forward to as many INDIANS as possible including NRIs.

We need to chänge öur thinking not just öur pröfile picture. Only then our Nation will change.

Jai Hind

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