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Complaint against bsnl mobile network

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Here is a reproduction of my complaint to GM, BSNL, Chennai today.


I wish to bring the following few points to your kind attention and I do hope you will take necessary steps to avoid recurrence of such things. Many mobile subscribers like me are also affected. I and my wife hold BSNL prepaid mobile connections (xxxxx xxxxx & xxxxx xxxxx) and of late, some irritants are noticed, while dialling or during talking.

1. Unlike in the past, connection is not established at the very first attempt. It
requires repeated dialling and patience.

2. During the course of conversation, the line/connection gets snapped quite abruptly
and this has become a routine affair.

3. Quite surprisingly, cross-talks are heard, forcing us to disconnect the line and to
dial again the same number.

4. We get messages like "No network coverage", "Error in Network" etc. quite often.

5. After the connection is established, one could hear what the other person says, but
the other end appears totally dead. It occurs on either end. (caller/the called)

6. Another strange phenomenon. What we speak is heard by ourselves in the sense,
one talks with oneself, like a mad person.


7. For all the above-described calls, aborted midway, charges applicable for the
duration of such call (!) is deducted automatically.

8. In spite of registering for DNC, unsolicited calls continue to be received.

9. Every month, we thus end up paying substantial amount on unsuccessful calls
or for longer duration than the actual talk-time.

Is this not a unfair trade practice and deficiency in service, on the part of BSNL?

I am eager to know if any of our members had similar experiences with BSNL prepaid
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