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Can Tamils follow the Tamil culture in abroad?

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if i remember what happened in south africa, post apartheid, the indian government, eagerly went in, and set up hindi classes in its missions in pretoria, joburg and durban.

i remember waililng why tamil classes were not introduced. i have south african friends here of tamil ancestry, who write tamil with the roman alphabet and an atrocious pronounciation of verses, just parrotting the words without understanding one little bit.

i am not sure if things have improved now...

the delhi government, always assumes and funds hindi language classes wherever indian immigrants have gone ie west indies, mauritius or elsewhere. the idiots forget that many of them ar tamils, and in order for these people to appreciate their heritage, it is tamil that needs to be taught. or atleast provided as an option.
Nice to see a gathering of our people.


Nice to see in this thread. I am very much proud of yours keen interest in reading about the Tamil abroad. There is no second contemplative in this that this article has on going with my limited availability materials. However, the sources of this thread have collected in my shelf where I have collected and housed so many history and travelogue books. Happy to know my writings are getting the pride. Really am not abundant and competent person for this.
<a href="Photos of Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Nadi - Attraction Images - TripAdvisor alt="Photos of Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Nadi" src="http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/me...da/temple-from-across-the.jpg"/></a><br/>This photo of <a href="Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple - Nadi - Reviews of Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple - TripAdvisor Siva Subramaniya Temple</a> is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Tamil Education Position Today

T.I.S.I. Sangam has given its service to uplift the Tamil and their education.

One who read the following highlights of its services in educational activities can understand its unparalleled work.
With the blessings of swami Rudranandha the Sangam runs 21 Primary and 5 Secondary schools.
Most of the Secondary schools have had the privileged with computer education.
Today more than 15000 students study in these schools.

School of Nursing established by Sangam in 2005 at a private rented premises.

Here after with great efforts Sangam bought a new land to build the school buildings.

The year 2001 saw the establishment of the Sangam Institute of Technology and its affiliation with the
Tafe College of Australia. Students can now get the courses in
Nadi at a cheaper rate and save costs of traveling and billeting in Australia.

Subramaniya Temple. Nadi

T.I.S.I. Sangam wish to build a Hindu temple and this, come to fruitful in, 1991.

During that year, Chairman, Thiru Narayan R.Reddy. left for overseas, such as Australia,
New Zealand, Canada, United States and India to raise funds and to meet various officials and people
regarding the development of the temple.

In, 1994 the construction work completed. All the idols erected in the niche and the
Maha Kumbabishakam taken by the saints in a graceful way

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கரும்பங்காட்டில்... fiji


Having so many disadvantages in this life.
But at the same time we could not refuse the merits what we have
enjoyed in the overseas.
We should discuss the merits and demerits of the abroad.
Whenever going to write this thread the folk song which
I composed dashed in my mind. The song is going like this...

கையிலே பிடுச்சு
காசுக்கு ரெண்டு வித்து
காலம் தள்ளிய தமிழ்மவன்
அங்கேபட்ட வேதனை என்சொல ?

கொள்ளாம உறிஞ்சான்

உழைப்ப- கரும்பா பிழின்சான்
கங்காணா தேசத்தில் பாவி-
பரங்கிமவன் அவனும் தானே

கரும்பங் காட்டில் நிதம்
சருகா ஒடிஞ்சு விழுந்தான்
காவயித்து கஞ்சி குடிக்க
தமிழ் மவன் அங்குதானே

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one thing we have to bear in mind - people who go abroad, always weigh the advantages and disadvantages. i think.

which is why, for certain countries, they come back immediately after their contract. whereas others, they find it better than india to live.

for example, living in the usa may be better, but living in china or russia may not. just for example. that is all.

it may not be accurate to put all foreign countries in the same basket.

thank you.
Tamil folk song


one thing we have to bear in mind - people who go abroad, always weigh the advantages and disadvantages. i think.

which is why, for certain countries, they come back immediately after their contract. whereas others, they find it better than india to live.

for example, living in the usa may be better, but living in china or russia may not. just for example. that is all.

it may not be accurate to put all foreign countries in the same basket.

thank you.

Dear Kunjuppu ji

Here, the migration taken in various occasions. Of course, this might in compulsion in the British regime. In those days the British need to maintain their new lands. So they have given force to the people to switch over the new place. By this way, they have developed their colonies like Andaman and Nicobar islands. As, observed one who settled or forced to settle could not returned to their home lands. This type is permanent settlement.

Apart from this, as prevails today, some highly skilled people in software industries migrated to the abroad for seeking the better placements. They may choose USA and Eastern countries like Singapore and Malaysia. Not only these they may choose even Russia and China, even though they know that they will not settled permanently.

Please don't think that I am going to oppose the practice of the permanent settlement in USA. This occurred in reading of my Tamil folk song.

You are mistaken me. Think, this would for my Tamil folk song. In this, I am trying to describe the life of indenture labors where in Fiji Island as in the earlier period. Now-a-days this also has changed. The account of USA is entirely different.

Obviously I am not completing the thread. This will continue. In the latter part I will analyses all.

Thank you.


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Now we can see the Merits in the migratory


Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Albert Einstein
Lakshmi Mittel

Now we can see the Merits in the migratory

In Social Reforms:

Geneva is a gorgeous town in the Europe. This is a famous town for its clock manufacturing industry. Also, fostered the settlers.
At, the sixteenth century in Europe there was some struggles staged in the name of savings the holiness of Christianity.
Who wants to save the life from these atrocities now settled in this beautiful and fostered town Geneva.

The people who took their asylum in Geneva have differed from culture, languages and races shortly turned as one country men.
In the seventeenth century, these peoples' unity and steadfast showed to their country gave admired to the rest of the World.
By nature they, belong from the literate family. Therefore, it is easy to observe the unity and loyal to the country.

Say the other word, this would happen that who have migrated from the various place in an entire Europe is for the reason of non-tolerance in the religion and the carnage have, now stood on the row to the progress of their new country.

Here, after Geneva would an embellishment of its clock manufacturing industries with the help of these migrators.

We have to think if these migration are not took place in an account, is the people can able to change life style and the atmosphere of the World?

Jean Jacques Rousseau's birth not took place if the migration is not permitted there.

There is no place to Rousseau in Geneva who is the native of that land.
There is no opportunity to the ‘Social Contract’ book as written by Jean Jacques Rousseau if he is not.

There is no place to poet Dandy in Italy who is the native of that land.

There is no place to Karl Marx in Germany who is the native of that land.
If Karl Marx would not migrate we cannot get his Das Capital. If the migration not happens, in the life of Karl Marx we could not get his World famous Economic manuscript book ‘Das Capital’.

In Science:

We cannot imagine the world without the atomic power generate.
It could use in the human being life in various ways. Even though this is in cross-purpose as now-a-days one who cannot refuse its usage.
One who could not refuse its usage in the space research and power generating.
Thanks, to the scientist, Einstein.
Right now we can say that he is also a migrator where from Germany to USA.

Develop In industries:

Lakshmi Mittel by birth is an Indian.
Well known industrialist who control the steel prices of the world. With, some misunderstandings in his family business he has migrated to Indonesia to start a new iron business. After, words he has settled in London.
We have to note that if this migratory is not in his life he may know within India alone.


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U.S bill for High-Skilled Workers 3012),

Indian immigrants and their contributions to the horde countries such as, USA, Malaysia and Singapore, is also substantiated and in particular the USA have applauded in several quarters and perhaps the host and business and belong to a high status and affluent group among the emigrants in the USA.

Though Indians have contributed their services to the other countries in various fields, like Technologies, Medicines even in Politics apparently has felt miserable that these people who are potential in knowledge couldn’t give their service to their mother country.

It is a well-known fact that the USA is three times larger than the India in geographically, but it is three times lower in its population. This could easily understand that USA is in urgency for the other hands where in India and China who could come forward to share the works in various aspects to full fill their needs. Whenever consider these facts we could not easily neglect the Americans well and wishes in the political and social elements.
For, substantiate this fidelity I think this is the right time to remained a U.S bill for High-Skilled Workers 3012), Act (H.R. a bill that would change the way employment-based (EB) green cards allocated by eliminating country-specific quotas. In further to add if the bill becomes law, it will equalize the waiting times for EB permanent residence, which would result in significant advancement in EB green card availability for India and China and retrogression for certain other countries. The bill would also increase the country-specific quotas for family based green cards.

However, the bill rejected in the Senate.
This causes would explain by the Senate members as if this bill becomes act the American citizens will affect in the job opportunities.

by sivashanmugam
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