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You may live in Britain, but you must show British ness says the British Government now. Tests in the English language and the British way of life will be compulsory for the foreigners from next year. The West now believe that the way of life and culture is very important for their nation building activities.

Everything west is very good and superior for our Elite and Secular. How about advocating this now ?. Globally we are known as Hindus and our religion as Hinduism. There is no equal word for DHARMA in English or in any other foreign language. This is only best experienced !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no need for any test.

This ios the sad fact of India. If British PM says that ousiders must integrate with Britain if they want to stay. Every country says that. But in India, you need not be an Indian to stay iin the country. This is called secularism.Let us all support BJP. It is only party (old Jansangh) which advocated that all should be Indianised if they want to stay in India.
yes.its high time we come out and save our community, religion and country.As Hindus, we have been secular because of our Dharma.but that has become a great minus for us as people of other religions and even hindus of other communities take our power and extent of tolerence for granted.its time we prove them SAADU MIRANDAAL KAADU (here NAADU) KOLLAADU. What is to be done and what can be done?
hello everybody
pls join and give ur views on this thread started by Mr.Gurumurthyji.
British wants Britishness

I agree with Gurumurthiji 150%. Each country has got its own culture. USA is a land of immigrants. I think USA is having immigrants from any part of the world. There everybody thinks as Americans. When they America you can see their pride and arrogance. France , Germany and you take any country even a small country like Singapore is having its uniqueness. People say I am a Singaporean and not an Indian or Malay or Chinese. that is what Balraj Madhok wanted. He wanted Indianisation. But he was a lone voice.IN the same way I want every person who wants to live in India should first feel he is an Indian.
India is Different from Western Countries

All over the west, there is a reaction to Sharia law and fear of the Islamisation of western countries. In the process of giving Muslims their rights in countries like UK and America, they would have to creat a separate law for the Muslims.

This has never been a problem in India. India has accepted since independence the right for Muslim Sharia law side by side with common law. After all, much of India was once Muslim and under Sharia even before the British so it makes sense. In UK, though, it doesn't and neither does it make much sense in the Americas.

Very different situations.
religion is for inner dicipline. social culture should not enter the persons inner values.
actully there is a slogan
food is for body health; education is for knowledge; and religion is for mind power (thinking).

country law should think before the law should not disturp the human's mind.
If british government acts stupidly,we should not emulate it.

British government still has laws permitting wives to be beaten with a cane of less than one inch in diameter.They still retain monarchy.Should we emulate all that in India?

In any secular and democratic country people should be free to follow the culture of their choice.As long as they obey the law and remain patriotic nothing else matters.
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