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Bad breath- prevention

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May be. The effective and proven method is oil pulling. Every day morning just after waking up take some one table spoonful of Gingelly oil in mouth and swish well for about 15 mts. Though mouth feeling slippery initially that will end up in watery feeling after 15 mts & spit out the white liquid from the mouth in drainage and flush with water. The best method which many have practiced and benefited. Apart from oral care this oil swishing yields several other host of health benefits.
sir i would like to just add few points more prevention and fixing mostly listed were local dental causes to add up the basic systemic causes are constipation, recurrent sinusitis,tonsillitis,eating odoriferous food etc, so in case the basic underlying cause is systemic problem should be corrected too.
i remember hearing this song when i was young. it went something like this... திருப்புகழை பாட பாட வாய் மணக்கும்

that would do it :)
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