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Avadhuta Gita

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Stanza 19

Brahman is not a state of freedom or bondage,not a state of virtue or vice,not a state of fullness or emptiness.Being the selfsame Brahman,O mind why do you weep?

Stanza 20

Indeed the omnipresent Brahman is devoid of caste and outcaste.It is free from cause and effect,unity and diversity.Being the selfsame Brahman,O mind ,why do you weep?
Stanza 21

Brahman the absolute Consciousness, pervades all living beings as well as motionless objects of the world.And again, It shines of Itself,devoid of men and other beings.Being the selfsame Brahman,O mind,why do you weep?

Stanza 22

The omnipresennt Brahman is beyond all and again,It pervades all equally.It is exceedingly pure and tranquil.It exist without day and night.Being the selfsame Brahman, O mind why do you weep?
dear all....

just for info...i wont be typing in this thread for a while as i want to take a break from Forum for a while..may be a short while....
once i am mentally ready to enter forum again..i will start typing here again ....

sorry for not continuing this thread..it will be a shortwhile only...

Not open for further replies.

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