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Are You a Bucket-Filler or a Dipper

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Mr. Praveen, i went through most of those articles in your 'blog'; some are very interesting, some i won't say boring but a bit too out of present day life-style. Although you seem to have gone through life in all its totality, only some like you are fortunate to have gone through that wonderful travel, you have become more of a philosopher, you have answer for every type of situations and questions. But, in our (i.e. people like me and like mine) mundane life, i have also tried to do the same thing i.e. being a bucket filler and i saw that i remained as a bucket filler and most of my colleagues remained as dippers; in fact, it went on for years; ultimately, i had to ration it, after a heavy scolding and pragmatic lessions from my better half, and now i feel that i am much better. Perhaps, these things work when we are amidst our own people, where like-minded people are larger in number, and in a heterogenous working climate where each competes with other (though not at all necessary) one becomes a 'pizhaika-thriyadavan' and everybody else starts 'thalaiyil milagai araikka'; anyway, you know things better. I have just tried to explain how i became a 'laughing stock' for all these niceties! However, i enjoyed reading your write-up. Eagerly awaiting to see some bucket fillers in and around the area i work. Thanks.
Don't worry ! mate !!
Better late than never !
U still have one million years left to accomplish what u desire !
I think saying "Sorry" and "thank u" are bucket fillers!
Not open for further replies.

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