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Apradakshinam at Navagraha Sannidhi

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At Chennai, I observe that many devotees including tambrams do apradakshinam at the navagraha sannidhi.They make a certain number of regular pradakshinam and then start moving counter-clockwise .In my childhood I had been told by my parents and other elders that apradakshinam should not be done as it is papam.I would like to know whether our Dharma Sastrams permit apradakshinam at navagraha sannidhi.
IMO this practice was started to please those planets which are in retrograde motion (vakra gati).I have not seen this practice in temples in Kerala where navagraha sannidhis are provided.
In general ,only nine clock wise pradakshinam are done to start with facing sun god in center ,&not to do any namaskarams that too in front of lord saturn . but to your doubt those two anti clock wise are done for rahu &kethu ,but even that is done only as pariharam &to their natal chart to get rid \ nullify the ill effect .(any further details to this post can clarify others doubt .)
Boys or Men having living parents should avoid this (apradatchina) unless okayed by learned elders or astrologers. If we go strictly by these off-hand opinions-turned-dicta, we will be no where. Mind is the master follow it or "oorudan oththuvazh"with due respect to learned opinions.
As regards Pradakshinam, it is appeared to have various reasons for doing it. During the
Pradosham day (first time) Sutra Pradakshinam, is the suggested way of circumambulating
the God. In some temples, this is generally followed. What I want to mention here is a
point about the practices adopted. When they do Pradakshina, the go upto Gomukhi and
it is not crossed. We all know that is the point where the Abisheka Tirtam flows through
the Gomukhi, generally towards northwards. By doing this way of Pradakshinam, one
does not cross over the holy water that passes through the Gomukhi. The Pradakshinam
is done like that above.
Now starting from the base point of Nandi (Rishabar), we call it as Holy Bull, saluting him
go anti-clockwise and Salute the Chandikeswarar (not crossing the Gomukhi). After that
return clock-wise and Salute Nandi Bhagwan and continue the Pradakshinam clockwise
till the Gomukhi, without crossing it. After this, return in anti-clockwise direction, salute
Nandi Bhagwan again and proceeds towards the Chandikeswarar. From there, now return
back clockwise without saluting the Nandi Bhagwan and reach the Gomukhi point. Finally
return back anti clockwise from Gomukhi to Salute Nandi Bhagwan and proceed towards
Chandikeswarar and come back to Nandi Bhagwan and stand by the side of him and
now offer the worship to Shiva Lingam i.e. Lord Shiva by viewing through the space
between the two Horns of Nandi Bhagwan i.e the Holy Bull. Now this is one Pradakshinam.
I have just seen a chart about this and reproduced the above from that. With the
above exercise, Three such Pradakshinams are to be done on the Pradosham Day.

rahu and ketu are chaya grahams for which propitiating anti-clockwise is done,at least i do :)
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