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Apartment Purchase - Resale

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Dear Experts ,

I am Staying at Maruthi Nagar, Malleshpalaya, I would like to go for a Resale property near our area. I have identified the Property. The property is of 7 Years old. It is South Facing one in a 46 Apartments.

Kindly let me know whether i can proceed the same. What needs to be checked while resale flats.


You Definitely Needs to Consult a Worthy Advocate and get his opinion in Writing.

For that they may charge some fees.

After Legal Opinion you can be Worry Free.
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your advise, I will proceed the Same. Is there any Vasthu impact for South Facing. Because i have not checked the same since i was in rental accomodation till now. I belong to Makra Rasi and my wise Meenam.

Do I need to check with any Vasthu consultant for the same.

Thanks and regards,
South Facing or any facing is not applicable to apartments.This is my opinion.

Because though you out rightly purchase the Flat in an apartment no wall is yours.

No side wall,no flooring,no roof all are in Joint Possession between you and many parties.

So Facing alone will never give you positive or Negative things.

I am not a Vaasthu expert and I am a Non Believer of Vaasthu.

One Thing I am also Sharavana Nakshatra (Makara Rasi).

I can do you One thing.That is Our Sthapathy (Silpi) is going to Construct a Shiva Temple in Kaadu Gudi in Bangalore Shortly.

Naturally Sthapathys are more Experts in Jadhagam than our Brahmins.

You can meet him in Person in that Temple and have consultation with him at Free Of Cost if you come with Jadhagam.

In the meanwhile have touch with me in my Mobile : 99521-63523.
Dear Sankara narayanan Ji,

Thank you very much for your valuable information. I am actually Utthrada Nakshatra (Makara Rasi). Since i have not come across this situation i have posted in this fourm to get more opinin from our Brahmin community.
As you correctly pointed out, in flats/apartments the choice is very limited, if we opt for East/North neither there is no ventilation/ Nor sunlight or other features not available. I will definately keep in touch with you sir.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Naresh Kumar (N.Kumar) Bangalore
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