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Any body to guide

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dear Mr. Raghy,

I was shocked when I read about the medical treatment given to patients

suffering from depression and how they did more harm than good, in many cases.

How several children develop suicidal tendencies as a shocking side effect of the

treatment or just become zombies, with no connection with the outside world.

Loneliness is a main contributor. So a person must learn to keep himself fully and

usefully engaged. There may be other deeper lying factors also.

A topic fit for a new thread?

with warm regards,
Mrs. V. R.

dear kunjuppu,
i am very much impresed by your way of presenting things and hats off to you. let me recall regarding difference of opinion in the life of my friend and his wife ( my post a year back). Now except for sex or cobedding friends wife is normal. The beauty is that even at late 50s he is urging to have sex or co bed.
Now why I bring this is to note that there is always a law in the nature to not to give the things urged by human ( or rather you can put in other way also - to urge things by human which we do not get)
we have seen many women adapting to new circumstances very easily (especially in case of one with gulf husbands) and also women are there who make hell of men even if they are near.
thaks krs.

i took a journey through the memory lane to recall the posts re your friend and his wife. there is always hope... he just has to persist in giving love, affection and care, without expectations of anything in return.

when least expected, who knows, the floating buttefly may land on his palms. of its own voliation :)
Shri B.Krishnamurthy Sir,

Extremely sorry to hear about your daughter. I don't know what else to say, Cannot imagine how it must be for parents to see their child going before them.

Shri Raghy Sir,

I suspect many indian women suffer from post-natal depression but it goes undetected. Medical care givers hardly recognise it even today. Also, i wonder how women could give birth to so many children in those days, stay sane and even run a household efficiently - quite a miracle really.
Sow. Visalakshi Ramani,

Madam, Greetings. Yes, discussion about depression is worth a thread on its own. We succumb to depression, most often than not, even when there is no need to. Recently I listened to a professor who spoke about stress levels. He reckons, we human beings go through stress for reasons not important at all..stress as high as the stress suffered by zebras running away from the jaws of lions in the African savannah....I was going through a very high level of stress for the last 9 months..and I lost! It is about two weeks after the failure....I am beginning to live; I am beginning to smile....

Stress: Portrait of a Killer » National Geographic Documentary with Robert Sapolsky (Stanford University)

Yes, a thread on its own on stress and depression would be very useful.

Sow.Happy Hindu,

Greetings. Post natal - depression is ignored in India, which is very sad indeed. That depression does not affect too much when the said woman is surrounded by caring relatives and caring social net-work. In my opinion, the support should be from many persons; not just a single person. (when my daughter was deliverd, I was the only one to support my wife through everything..from cooking for her to help her with hygine. She went through an intense post-natal depression...but I was warned about it; I was kind of prepared for it. No medications though). I was told that the post natal - depression is caused due to harmonal imbalances soon after the delivery.

I knew one lady in Melbourne..I had seen her in Bangalore....cheerful, bubbly lady...she went through post- natal depression in 1995...her husband did not understand...he sought medical help...medications; Electro- convulsive Threapy (ECT)....in 1997 I saw her......she was completely broken....was like a zombie....my wife cried her eyes out when she saw that lady......I am sorry, it is a very sad subject.
To record today's happenings in the maddening world Smt. V.R could well start a thread : Today's case of depression.
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