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An untouchable joins Sringeri matham

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We have not so far heard any loud procedure for getting converted into Hinduism.
We see one Bhakthi Movement amongst Westerners i.e. ISKCON, who worship
Lord Krishna as their prime deity and celebrate all functions according to Hindu
Mythology. We can proudly say that Hinduism is India's treasure, un-equalled,
and it is an indigenous religion with its own inborn cultural system. It can be seen
that Hindu's believe in one great aspect i.e., the law of cause and effect.
By which, each individual creates his own destiny - by his thoughts, words and deeds.

[h=1][SIZE=+1]Thousands came back to their Ancestoral Vedic Path - Arya Samaj takes up Massive Shudhi Yajna [/SIZE]

Shuddhi event updates
Update on 25 Dec 2011:

In yet another formal ceremony, 857 Christian brothers & sisters resolved to return back to their Vedic/ Hindu roots on the opportune day of Christmas. Agniveer heartily welcomes them back to the family where they would admire the real Krishna instead of Christ fiction. Another 50 erstwhile Mohammedans also embraced the Vedic/Hindu religion of their ancestors in the same ceremony. All these people have now resolved to become humans instead of a Christian or a Mohammedan. Agniveer thanks all individuals and organizations that joined hands to make this ceremony a success in a region infested with fanatics amidst grave dangers and violent oppositions from antisocial elements.

What does Agniveer stand for?

"I am trying to convert Hindus back to Hindu religion and that will stop Hindus getting
converted to other religions." -- Swami Chinmayananda

are you aware of anyone inviting dalit groups to visit the matham on regular basis, and further more encourage their children to veda patasalas? after all, it has been the practice to exclude them all along, and now if we have a change of heart, and do the right thing, it may be proper to publicise it. no?

the dalits may be suspcious of our intentions, and would it not be good to allay their fears, and convince them of our sincerety. mere opening the doors, and pronouncing that 'doors are open to all', i think, will not do anything to change the status quo. a little more active PR efforts might also be needed. i think so. atleast if we mean what we say, that dalits are our equals, and they have the right to partake of all our festivals and knowledges, as equals.
dear kunjupp sir !
now a days a dalit is more devoted in performing religious and temple functions
when you visit temples during sangata chadurthy, pradosham and puratsi saturdays , the brahmins will be out numbered .when the brahmins come with empty hand , they come with lot of flowers, fruits and ghee for offering. during ammavasya and mahamagam they never fail to do rires
In Shreemad Bhagavatham, I believe, it is mentioned as, unless one is a
Brahmana, one cannot utter Om Kara and attain the desired result.

Saint Ramanujam, the Tenth Acharya, who propagated Vaishnavism is appeared
to have enrolled many NBs into Vaishnavism. There are references to say, that
there is no caste limitation for chanting the Lord Namas. There is a reference to this
effect. Why I am told, in Sattvic Puranas, it is quoted as stating that any caste
person is qualified to chant the nama of Lord. In some temples in India, some people
are not permitted inside. I came to know that in Jagannath Temple, non-native
Indians are not permitted.

I heard one recent incident. In a Software Company, the Manager, being a Brahmin,
sponsored only Bh Guys only to proceed abroad. The affected person further states
that he also does well and meets the Company's requirement without any flaw and
he is ranked well in the status. When he is equally well, he questions as to why there is a bias.
Further, he remarked that whether any reward is going to be given to the Manager in
the Heaven, because he helps his fellow community persons. There are many NBs are
Priests/Pujaris in some Temples. Singer Jesudas is not allowed in Sri Ayyappan Temple but
people listen to his Devotional Songs. In some Jain Temples, they do not allow non-Jains
to enter the premises.

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