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Advaitham-Shri Mahaswamigal

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just reflecting on this...

the process of creation itself is a sacrifice... that is explained in the purusha suktha itself... so yagnya is held in high reverance by vedic people, ie., us...

and that is why probably a grihastha's duties are divided into pancha maha yagnyas - Brahma/Deva/Pithru/Manushya/Bhootha...

the concept of yagya , is the very basis of "ARYAN" culture or refined culture.

we don't have to give a lot, but if we make a practice to give a little as a daily practice. that'll overcome our stinginess and misery overtime.

this lopa buddhi is - the major obstacle for any growth..

s s and m m

when you guys mention of sacrifice,i am reminded of the lines in hand,that i used to notice in saints.more often than not,the fate line used to emerge from the life line and end in either mount of saturn or mount of jupiter.it is always easy to notice this becoz mostly they bless us using 'abhaya hastam ' posture with their right hand.in rare cases mahaswamigal has used his left hand in abhaya hasta posture depicting left handed technique of tantraism.my 2 cent observation.have you any further info on this aspect,as i tried in vain to see the holy marks of mahaswamigal in his feet,but could not go close enuff to see the sangu,chakram for a hallmark of a saint or divine person as per shastras pertaining to body marks.

Glory of the Vedas

The Vedas are eternal and the source of all creations and their greatness is to be known in many different ways. As I have already stated, their sound produces in our nadis as well as in the atmosphere vibrations that are salutary not only to our own Self but to the entire world. Here we must understand "lokakshema" or our welfare of the world to mean the good of mankind as well as of all other creatures. This concern for all creation that finds expression in the Vedas is not shared by any other religion. "Sanno astu dvipadesancatuspade"-- this occurs in a mantra: the Vedas pray for the good of all creatures including bipeds, quadrupeds etc. Even grass, shrubs, trees, mountains and the rivers are not excluded from their benign purview. The happy state of all these sentient creatures and inert objects is brought about through the special quality of the Vedas.


Not open for further replies.

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