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Yuga effect getting rotten. Time to think afresh


Well-known member
Every Hindu knows this is kali yuga. Every human knows he is living in a rotten time. We have travelled really a long way in the yuga and we have learnt to breath and live with the dirt. Is that inevitable and is something that cannot be reversed? Far from it. Humans are at heart positive beings which is veiled by an evil but a reform engendering heroine. Lets forget her for a moment.

What can we do about the current state of affairs where anything even remotely beyond selfish thinking is made to sound crappish. I believe Indians are alien to this type of thinking. I am not slapping the western thinking but let us relearn to live our own way and at our own terms. There is enough room conceptually for two fundamentally diverse types of thinking to coexist.

I am confident if Indians revive the thinking that others are as important as I am and vice versa they are ensuring the beginning of the end of slavish mode of thinking and reestablish their own important ideas in the world. Ultimate truth is one but there are atleast two approaches to that truth. Physical world is the world of mechanics to play out the reality of the ultimate world and it is necessary that we are not bogged down by the mechanics and so i would advise the western brethren.

In a nutshell let us seriously try to wither way the effect of the times and restore universal and timeless thinking and once again restore the glory of India.
There is surprising misconceived thinking that for one to prosper the adversary has to perish. This has been the root cause of many battles and wars throughout the history of mankind. Humans as a race need to do better. Much better. The day when it dawn's that ones adversary is necessary to keep one's adrenaline pumped up and has a positive long term impact on one is the day when humanity really sees the dawn. It is a day when competing is done deftly and with subtlety and goes by the name of complementarity. Let's hope and pray the day is not far off.
The real tragedy is that people think that there is no other way to live. Pragmatism is taken to mean self centeredness. For a change why cant we try to be good and unselfish about things. Take it as a game and see if you can exhibit concern for others. Try starting it as an intellectual game but do try to internalize the behaviour gradually.

It can be done. Humans are designed to do that. It is only the power of pressures and temptations that keep them away from goodness. That is the reason for trying to do it casually and without pressure. Your behaviour may well impress and stun others and may catch on. Ripple effect can happen.

Be good to at least one person a day. Not necessarily in terms money but at least in terms of attitude. Lets start it today.
There are so many profound benefits of being good. The foremost is a clean conscience which can do wonders to your quality of life. Knowing that you have acted in accordance with your conscience during the day would ensure a good sleep during the night. It is a feeling that needs to be experienced to understand. There are a plethora of feel good positive energies which you will start experiencing one by one. It will also make you internally powerful and bless you with spiritual power.

So if you are willing to fight the mass pressure using some wise thinking you are in for so many goodies.

Negativity especially mass negativity is extremely powerful but it is only there to be overwhelmed by your own positivity.

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