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Your mobile phone has more germs than a toilet seat, but should you worry?

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Try to keep Mobile phone clean and germ-free by cleaning them once in a while and there are tips to do this.

A study reported to have proved that there are 10 times more bacteria on an average mobile than on a toilet seat

Your mobile phone has more germs than a toilet seat, but should you worry?

Scientists in Pune have discovered three new species that grow on mobile phone screens.
Your phone is dirty and is a breeding ground for germs.

Scientists at the National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) in Pune have discovered three species of microbes- two bacteria and fungus- that grow on mobile phone screens, PTI reported.

For the research, the team collected samples from 27 mobile phone screens. They found 515 different bacterial types and 28 different fungi, including the three new species.

Praveen Rahi, one of the scientists on the team, said that these bacteria and fungi thrive on human bodies. But he points out they are friendly to humans.

Studies carried out earlier have found that smartphone and tablet screens carry more germs than a toilet seat.

A 2013 report by British watchdog Which? collected samples from 90 devices and found "hazardous" levels of bacteria that can make people sick, including E. coli, NYDailyNews reported.

The report said that this could be because of the busy lifestyle that people lead today with many carrying their cellphones to the loo. Phones also get hot and are we mostly hold it in our hands or keep it in bags and pockets. This too provides for suitable conditions for germ growth.

In another study in 2015, carried out by Dr. William DePaolo, assistant professor in the Molecular Microbiology and Immunology department of the University of Southern California, collected swabs from the phone screens of Buzzfeed employees to check for bacteria in comparison to a toilet seat.

They found that while the toilet had around 3 species of bacteria, the cellphones has on an average 10-12 species of bacteria.

The phone screens also had "worse types of bacteria" including E. coli and faecal bacteria.
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