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Yoga helps in diabetes cure

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Yoga helps in diabetes cure

http://groups.yahoo.com/subscribe/worldmalayaliclub/Anupam Srivastava

GOOD NEWS for the diabetes patients, a Kanpur-based doctor has found role of yoga beneficial in the treatment of diabetes. Professor Vipin Mishra of GSVM Medical College, Kanpur has prescribed yoga therapy for more than 1000 patients and those who have followed his regimen have been Benifited.

Professor Vipin Mishra will deliver a lecture on the subject ‘Yoga is beneficial in the management of diabetes’ at the UPDACON-2006, organised by the Kanpur Diabetes Association at International Convention Centre, Kanpur University, beginning on Saturday.
Sharing his experience of yoga in management of disease with the Hindustan Times, he said, “Yoga is a complimentary therapy which I prescribe with the medicines, those patients who have followed the regimen charted out by me have been benefited and 50 per cent of them have noticed near control of blood sugar levels in long-term disease management.” He claimed anyone practicing yoga since childhood could avoid the diseases like diabetes. He said presently there were about 2.5 lakh diabetes patients in Kanpur. If they follow a good yogic regimen they would surely be benefited from the disease.
Advocating the practice of set of Asans, Pranayams and postures with the medicines, Mishra says, “One should not stop medication without the consultation of doctor even after getting a relief from the yoga practice. Yoga cannot take care of every aspect of the disease but it can surely control the secretion of sugar in the human body, some Asans like Ardh Mastyendra Asan, Bhujang Asan, Pashchimotthan Asan, followed by Pranayam and morning walk could do wonders in the management of the disease. Out of 1000 patients, referred set of Asans and Pranayam by me nearly 100 have returned with positive reduction in blood sugar level, which was monitored constantly for longer duration of time.” Mishra claims, “Regular practice of yoga does reduce blood sugar levels, the blood pressure, weight, the rate of progression to the complications, and the severity of the complications as well. The symptoms are also reduced to a great extent, so number of diabetes related hospital admissions. The quality of life questionnaires do reveal a remarkable improvement in the scores. These finding are uniform for all those who are trying to find effect of yoga on diabetes.”
Describing the action of yoga on a body, Mishra said, “As everyone knows, glucagons secretion is enhanced by stress. Yoga effectively reduces stress, thus reducing glucagons and possibly improving insulin action. Weight loss induced by Yoga is a well-accepted mechanism. Muscular relaxation, development and improved blood supply to muscles might enhance insulin receptor expression on muscles causing increased glucose uptake by muscles and thus reducing blood sugar.” He added, “Blood pressure plays a major role in development of diabetic and related complications, which is proven to be benefited by Yoga. The same holds true for increased cholesterol levels, yoga also reduces arteriosclerosis, and it is even effective in blockade of arteries.
Yoga reduces adrenaline, nor-adrenalin and cortisol in blood, which are termed as ‘stress hormones’. In this way, patients are benefited by the practice of Yoga.”

coutresy: Hindustan Times

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