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Yoga Anjaneyar

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Sri Yoga Anjaneya swami Temple Sholingar.
Bhaktha Prahalad
Prahalad - the son of Hiranyakasyap - had absolute faith in God; there was not even an iota of doubt in his mind that the Parabrahma exists and exists everywhere. He believed that the very existence of the universe is an act of the God - whereas his father believed otherwise. When challenged by Hiranyakasyap to prove the existence of Parabrahma, Prahlad said that the God exists in every atom and even in subatomic particles. On hearing this Hiranyakasyap retorts and asks Prahlad as to whether the God is in the pillar nearby. Prahlad replies that the God is not only in the pillar but also in the very words uttered by Hiranyakasyap and also in the sound of those words. Angered by this and with a view to proving Prahlad wrong Hiranyakasyap hits the pillar with his mace so as to break it. Lord Vishnu takes the form of Narasimha ie. Half in the form of Nara [man] and half in the form of Simha [Lion] and comes out of the pillar and kills Hiranyakasyap - the Rakshas.
Lakshmi Narasimha
The Narasimha avtar of Vishnu is in a ugra [angered] form as it was taken to avenge the sufferings of true and faithful followers of the God at the hands of Hiranyakasyap [representing the evil forces]. Therefore, to worship Narasimha is to worship the destroyer of evil forces. Since Narasimha is in a ugra form it was considered appropriate that he be worshipped in his Santha [ mellowed] swaroopa by common mortals. Lord Narasimha is santha swaroopi when Laksmi is with him [he is then known as Lakshminarasimha] .
Yoganarasimha of Solingar
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