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Yajur Veda Upakarma Avani Avittam 2022 (in Tamil PDF)

May be this can help..

Finally, someone is giving the proper answer to my question.
Thank you Renukaji.

This is the right name for it; not ‘Aavaniyavattam’. Though this is the right name, it does not convey the right meaning. We should call it ‘Aavani Purnima’; nay, even this is incorrect. We should in fact call it ‘Sraavana Purnima’. Followers of Aapasthambha sutra should perform a karma called ‘Upakarma’ on the day of Purnima in the lunar month of Sraavana, if there are no blemishes on that day. Sraavana Purnima generally is found to occur on the day of Avittam star in the solar month of Aavani. Hence that day is referred to as Aavani Avittam, further twisted in spoken parlance to ‘Aavaniyavattam’.

Is there any temple near marathalli carrying out avani avittam. Even if its conducted via online like in corona days , its fine. Kindly share the meet link/contact details if anyone know. I am in bengaluru and looking for avani avittam. Thanks
Sri Bande Mahakali Devalaya is a facebook group.
You need to be invested in your local community, Just chanting some mantra on some days is of no benefit to the community.
See my post #22.
Secondly, this post is derogatory to women. What has a woman got to do with the naming of a function purely for men?
Men & Women work together in every Puja. She helps her husband in all these activates. Both have been given equal responsibilities. Most of the time Men forget the dates and other important information. It is the mother or the wife who always remember and remind the son or husband about the important dates and deeds.

Some here have sincerely answered which they know. If you are not convinced, you can do your own due diligence or talk to some experienced and find out. Please share with others here also constructively.

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