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¨ The Winner is always part of the answer;
The Loser is always part of the problem.
¨ The Winner always has a program;
The Loser always has an excuse.
¨ The Winner says, "Let me do it for you";
The Loser says, "That is not my job."
¨ The Winner sees an answer for every problem;
The Loser sees a problem for every answer.
¨ The Winner says, "It may be difficult but it is possible";
The Loser says, "It may be possible but it is too difficult."
¨ When a Winner makes a mistake, he says, "I was wrong";
When a Loser makes a mistake, he says, "It wasn't my fault."
¨ A Winner makes commitments;
A Loser makes promises.
¨ Winners have dreams;
Losers have schemes.
¨ Winners say, "I must do something";
Losers say, "Something must be done."
¨ Winners are a part of the team;
Losers are apart from the team.
¨ Winners see the gain;
Losers see the pain.
¨ Winners see possibilities;
Losers see problems.
¨ Winners believe in win-win;
Losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.

Remember: Some people succeed because they are destined to, But most people succeed because they are determined to.:fencing:
Not open for further replies.

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