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Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman ! - What a Super Hero !! Bring Back Abhi !!


Well-known member
We only see it ( i.e relaease of Abinandan ) as a gesture which is in consonance with all Geneva conventions.- Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor


Well-known member
While nobody did anything for his release. Imran Khan announced that WC Abhinandan would be released tomorrow because :

(i) He started reciting Hanuman Chalisa in his confinement and the good momins did not want the arrival of Hindu God in their pious Allah land; and/or

(ii) Imran received threatening call from Modi critics in this forum warning him of severe consequences.

Whatever the reason, hopefully we will see him tomorrow in India and I am happy for that.
Whatever the reasons ..Thank God he will be sent to India safe.

Since Imran Khan is asking for peace talks...why not give it a shot?
I know.everyone says and thinks Pak trains terrorists and are acting innocent as if they want peace but what if they really want peace and are not training the terrorists ?


Well-known member
When a Bison killed a Falcon. Ordinary people giddily, anxiously happy as if its their own wedding, waiting for the moment he re-enters India. An extraordinary man who united this nation across politics, albeit for a short while. Indebted forever, Sir.
Welcome back Wing Commander Abinandan



New member
As usual the blame is on Nehru , Indira , Rajiv , Manmohan Singh Congress etc etc . Even when a Pakistani Goat eats an Indian Shrub the blame will be on Nehru and Congress .BTW they forgot the fact that Rafale Contract is given to a bankrupt Anil Ambani

I am amused by several posts addressed to "right wingers" in a rather derogatory taste. Is it not just as bad to be a "left winger"? Why dont we all learn to be Neutral instead of considering our own views as superior to those of others? I am very new to these forums but strongly feel both left wingers as well as right wingers views should be either edited or restricted so as not to offend any one. I am certainly not ashamed to be very proud of my heritage and culture but no way try to force this down others throats . Like Kanchi sage said in his " deivathin Kural" a great thought or religeon should attract people by its great thoughts and practises just like a big frutful tree attracts birds. The tree does not advertise please come I have lots of fruits to offer . Unfortunately due the indifference and half backed knowledge , amoungst most of us, ESPECIALLY brahmins, we neglect most of the nice things about our culture and resort to picking only holes and also name call a few who believe their culture is good and tolerant. Worse still they expect them to keep quiet when they are debased insulted openly . God help us.


Active member
I can help feeling disgusted that outdated planes were used!
Why risk the lives of fighter pilots?

And why no spying work done to find out what planes Pakistan has before launching an attack.

Modi and the defence minister should step down.
They cant risk lives of pilots for votes.

Even an animal knows not to hunt when injured.

Here when planes are outdated its the same as being injured.

Instead of wasting money on huge statues ..why planes were not the latest models?

Its disgusting to see how politicians sit safe and sound and send others to die for their votes
Migs are interceptors. Sukhoi's and Mirages and Tejas are the first line . It was not a full fledged battle but Pak chose to fly their F-16 which is frontline . Does any one know if WC Abhinandan was part of the squadron that attacked Pak? If not, then this was a intercepting mission in response to their air space violation.
Air strike will help BJP win more than 22 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka: B S Yeddyurappa

Air strike will help BJP win more than 22 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka: B S Yeddyurappa
Speaking to media persons during his visit to the city, he said the recent decision taken by the PM to conduct an air strike on terrorist camps has invoked the spirit of nationalism among youth.

Yeddy is wrong. BJP would win 28 seats. He is only echoing conservatively the thinking of the cadres.
But who and which other Govt, could have been bolder.
The real winner is the Defense training system which trains pilots and also trains them how to behave when captured.


Well-known member

‘Sahab, Kuch Kaam Milega Kya?’ Demonetisation, GST Effects Continue, Deepen Indore’s Jobs Crisis

The start of each day at Khajrana Square is the same. Around 1,500 workers carrying steel lunch boxes and basic work tools, such as a spade, assemble here--now informally titled mazdoor chauraha or workers’ square--as early as 6 am, and begin the daily struggle of securing a job.

Around 9 am, labour contractors arrive in trucks and pick up about 300 daily-wage workers, who are selected based on lowest price quoted--sometimes as low as Rs 150-Rs 200. The trucks take the lucky workers to construction sites in neighbouring towns up to 20 km away, such as Mhow, and drop them back in the evening.


Well-known member
Right out of 1920s movie, with such human tragedy in the wake of demonetisation and GST all across the country, the current govt will not get even 50 seats - Pulwama or not !!

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