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Will more people turn to vegetarianism in a post-coronavirus world?


Active member
Coronavirus will change a lot of things. Once the pandemic is over, nothing is going to be the same, including our food habits. Scientists say it is likely that the coronavirus came from bats. Although food safety experts have clarified that the coronavirus is not caused by eating meat, the way this virus has shaken our world, it is not easy to convince people.

The virus has already given rise to social stigmatisation to an extent that RWAs are turning into a nightmare and doctors are being attacked. Now when there are reports and conversations around how wet markets in China’s Wuhan and bats are possibly responsible for all the mess, it is likely that a lot of people would turn their back on meat. Remember how quickly the world adapted to ‘Namaste’ instead of shaking hands.

Personally, coronavirus or no coronavirus, I believe that turning vegetarian is a good practice. Vegetarianism is economical, environment-friendly and against cruelty to animals. Think about all the use of antibiotics in animals and making them prey to fulfill our food needs while breaking away the food chain. Even if people do not turn vegetarians to save the lives of the animals, I think this pandemic could be a beginning towards that path since it affects our lives.

Whenever the world comes out of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, one thing is for sure — people’s attitude towards many things will change and one of them will be food. Among the several theories about the coronavirus that spreads the Covid-19 disease, the most agreed upon by scientists across the world is that pangolins served as the “intermediate host” andpassed on the virus from bats to humans. The origin lies in China’s wet markets in Wuhan that sell all kinds of exotic animals for consumption.

Whether the virus actually originated in Wuhan wet markets or not, this theory is sure to have an impact on the way people eat. This is bound to make people more careful and move towards a vegetarian diet. However, chances of people turning vegetarian are still far-fetched, specially in India.

Besides, diseases like Swine Flu that have caused a threat to the existence of humankind in the past also originated from animals, which gives more weight to the argument that people might turn vegetarian in a post-coronavirus world. Having said that, there is no direct connection to being a meat eater and getting any disease, it’s all about perception at the end of the day.


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