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Will it be a dream or true ? When strong maos and left`s presence, in the countr

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Will it be a dream or true ? When strong maos and left`s presence,in the country


Hindu group calls for shutdown in west Nepal

Kathmandu, June 22
Western Nepal remained paralysed Tuesday as a little-known Hindu organisation enforced a shutdown demanding the restoration of Hinduism as the state religion, the second such disruptive protest since March.http://www.prokerala.com/news/articles/a145327.html
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nice to see you promote prokerala website as all your articles are from this website,just an observation.thnx for introducing me to this website,its awesome.

there is a curse,that nepalese have to overcome,becoz monarchs will be dislodged was predicted.the late king birendra was aware of it also.the present king is favoring china and wants china to be its partner.as we all know chinese dont believe in hinduism but more on communism.so,nepal will be china communist regime soon and indians will yet another neighbor breathing down its neck.indian leadership is sleeping blissfully as usual.
India "lost" Nepal by sheer lack of :vision,forethought ,diplomatic skill and political will.

The only Hindu state was thus lost.

We suffer the result of our statesmanship's folly and know-all-attitude of people at the helm in the present Maoist violence.

In our lack of foresight not only a friend in Nepal was lost, we became sitting ducks for maoist violence, and indirectly helped China have more presence all around us. We lost our last buffer here.

(போன புத்தி யானை இழுத்தாலும் திரும்பி வராது)

nepal was never india's in the first place, to be 'lost', i think.

it is and always was an independent country.

when it comes to a matter of relationships between countries, religion seldom is a binding factor, though it might help.

nepal was ruled by a rana clique, hindus who exploited the country, which is mainly buddhist. india gave money and bribed this clique to preserve some influence. china did the same thing.

the maoist did not come out of the blue. these were formed from the starving peasants.

it might strike our brahmin chords to hear of kings and queens whose names are mahendras and rajyalakshmis. but sorry to say mate, these were core corruptions in a poor landlocked country.

once again, do not feel the 'loss' of nepal. we never owned it in the first place.
Sri Kunjuppu

I did not mean that India "owned" Nepal.I was knowing the situation and facts. But Nepal was strategically important for India. India and Nepal had very special relationships. Free flow of men and money.
Nepali's were no foreign to us,though they were our "Gurkhas".

It was a buffer for our country.Mutually there was beneficial future.

Bu in World politics, the shrewd takes the cake.

A friendly country in the border is the best defence, rather than the most strong fortress.
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