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Wikileaks - Assassination of Narendra Modi

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I saw the streamers on three different news channels, which ran this strip. Looks like assissination was planned in Pakistan by LeT in June in 2008.

But they only picked up from Karan Thapar left it in his article advocating it, of course in a subtle way.

Only the sudden removal of Narendra Modi can stop this. For he is the agent forcing this change. And whilst he’s with us, he will do just that. I have no doubt Indian politics after Sunday the 23rd is another country. We have to live with new challenges. Some of us have to accept new leaders.

Thus wrote Karan Thapar on 29 Dec 2007, after results of Gujarat were declared on 23 Dec 2007.

‘Modification’ of politics

PS: Please do not depend on your friendly neighourhood kabadiwallah's archives. There are better archivial facilities.

Is there another Benazir Bhutto styled program planed for Narendra Modi? Do you think this is some kind of foreshadowing?


Submitted by abhigupta on Mon, 12/31/2007 - 06:14.


While TOI clearly memtioned MURDER of Modi, HT shied away from such terms. HT news HERE

hit Modi, targeting Modi, possible operation against Gujarat chief minister Narendar Modi,

Time line

23 Dec 2007 - Gujarat assembly results announced. Narendra Modi wins convincingly.

Dec 29 2007 - Karan Thapar calles for "sudden removal" of Narendra Modi

Nov 2008 - Terrorists hit Mumbai

June 2009 - LeT plans murder of Modi.

Once an idea is planted, nothing can stop its germination!!

How can this sudden removal be achieved?

1. Dismissal of Modi and imposition of President's ruke [read Cong rule]. Not easy to depose a democratically CM. Politically explosive. Reacall Sonia Mainos's MAUT KA SAUGADAR recoiled on Her.

2. Arrest of Modi on some concoted allegarions. Teesta is working for it. Cong dares not do it openly. So, maybe, Teesta is their front.

3. Assassination. Hey, stop here. You want a REAL genocide? What is Central Govt. doing about it? NOTHING.

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