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Widows and Hindu/ Brahmin tradition

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Dear Srimathi HH Ji,

Agree with what you have posted.

But if I can be so bold as to mutter these words - it does not matter about the past reality. It does not matter how our clans and lifestyles evolved.

We are here in CE 2009, July 2nd and our religion has become just a set of a few code words. 'Orthodoxy' means the Purva Mimmamsa and to them Karma Khanda in Yajur is the Veda. Bhakthi means in the south Ramanuja and some shaivites. These are all code words, ready to invoke certain images.

This is why, our religion faces a daunting task.

Dear Shri KRS-ji,

Perhaps it is all meant to be....this is what we are supposed to expect from kaliyuga, the age of transformation, before the next step of evolution..all well envisaged by the sages of yore.

There are times i am perturbed, but then i realise from the gurus, that sanatana never ends really...call me a sentimental ignorant fool, but i do think, we never end...

Krishna did mention that when dharma comes to an end, then He appears. Intead of looking at dharma ending, i look forward to Krishna coming, even if its a few thousand years later.

What i found funny about the whole part is that each group claimed its way led to brahman, but literally, who knows which is going to definitely result in realization of brahman for a man in this lifetime.

A man serving the Lord in the temple in hope of mukti, a man lighting the fire at home in hope of mukti, a man breathing for mukti, a man chanting continuously for the same, a man offering incence and requesting for the same...so many ways, so many paths...all lead to the One when the prayer is a sincere offering, i suppose.

Which is why i think all schools of belief are right, all are true and real, all have their rightful place under father sky on mother earth. All are destained, and its not right for any man to interfere in any man's wish to follow his faith as per his wish.
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I agree with HH.

1+1+1+1 = 4

1+3 = 4

2+2 = 4

3+1 = 4

4 +0= 4

The permutations and combinations are so many; yet, all of them are right in their own way.

I consider these as evil or to be avoided at any cost:

1. Causing harm, injury or loss to anyone.
2. Lying esp. on critical issues, in crucial times.
3. Cheating others.
4. Spreading disinformation.
5. Speaking at the back of somebody.
6. Treading a wrong path knowing full well that it will not take us to the identified destination.
7. Idling away one's precious time.
8. Demanding something one doesn't deserve.
9. Fighting or quarreling with someone for trivial issues which do not concern either.
10. Learning something that is of no use to self or others.

As long as these conditions are satisfied, one can choose or do anything, as one likes.
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