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Why the "Bharani" Nakshatra Day of Mahalaya Paksha is called as "MAHA BHARANI"?

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Why the "Bharani" Nakshatra Day of Mahalaya Paksha is called as "MAHA BHARANI"?

Why the "Bharani" Nakshatra Day of Mahalaya Paksha is called as "MAHA BHARANI"?

Bharani Mahalaya Shraddh 2014 date is September 13 th, Saturday in 2014 and Maha Bharani falls on Chaturthi in Pitru paksha. Maha Bharani is the day on which Bharani Nakshatram or Bharani asterism occurs during Mahalaya Pitru paksha shraddh .

Mahalaya Shraddh performed on the day coinciding with Bharani constellation during Pithru Paksha is known as Maha Bharani Shraddh. It is said and believed that it gives the merits equivalent to GAYA Shraddh. Also Bharani is ruled by Yama, the God of Death.

Mahakaya Paksha means the Pitrus, the yester Mahans came to earth for 16 days to grace their dissidents as per the direction of Yama Dharma.

As per the sacred texts it is suggested to perform the Paksha cermonies on the banks of sacred rivers or in sacred and celestial places like Gaya, Kasi, Prayaga, Kurukshetra, Naimisharanya, Rameswaram etc.

If it is not possible they should be performed at least in one’s house.

But in view of several practical difficulties involved this can be performed at various temples and religious mutts specifically meant for that purpose.

The Shraddha is to be done for all the 16 days. If this is not possible it can be done on any day on this Paksha.

The Bharani Nakshadra during this period is called MAHA BHARANI. The Astami is called Madhyastami and the Trayodasi is called Gajasayai. Mahalaya Shraddha if performed in any of the above three days, it is equivalent to doing it at Gaya Shetra.

Shraddha can also be done on the day when VYADEPATHA YOGA is present during the fortnight, or on the day of Mahalaya Amavasya.

Foe those who attained siddhi after Sanyasa dwadesi is preferred.

Mahalaya Paksha Dharpanam is done for Father's lineage, Mother's lineage and for Pitruvya Mathulatheen. The last one consists of the DISEASED paternal uncles. Maternal uncles, brorthers, sons, paternal aunts, maternal aunts, daughters, wife, Father in law, Sister's husband, Daughter in law, Brother in law, Guru, Yajamanan (employer) and friends.

Udakashanti Mantra 107:

"..... apa papmanam BHARANIR bharantu
tadYAMORAJA bhagavan visashtam
lokasya raja mahato mahan hi
sukanthah panthamabhayan kronodhu
yasmin nakshadre YAMA yethi raja .... "

Yama is the the ruler God for Apa Bharani Nakshadra.

(Above is stated also in Taittiriya Brahmana III.1, Taittiriya Samhita IV.4.10, Satapatha Brahmana II.1.2 and Atharva Veda XIX.7)

Source; Yahoo answers


Sri Vidya Rajagoplan
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