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Why TB boys not a Love/marriage Material

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I am a love material, but many of them are not.

Is there something wrong with the conservative upbringing?

what is a 'love material'. this definition is new to me. please explain for starters. then we can discuss how you are different from other tambram boys. thanks :)
what is a 'love material'. this definition is new to me. please explain for starters. then we can discuss how you are different from other tambram boys. thanks :)

Sh.Kunppu, to start with I feel I am not a Agraharam kinda Mama's boy, and that gave me an edge in winning a heart
There is one thing that us Tam-Brahm boys lack, experience! And believe me that is something that women looking for love can pick up on.
lack of self-confidence,
Even if the Girl comes to the boy and says 'Can we goto 'Coffee Shop',
the TB may say let me check with my Mom!
Dear friends,

There are thousands of burning issues and practical problems faced by us under the existing circumstances!

Do we need to discuss about the more 'important issues' like
'Who has better dress sense?', Who is more suitable to become a 'lover boy' and Whether marriage is a possibility between different sects of the same caste?

There is one forum which discusses about the coffee made by their wives-as if it is the most important thing to be made known to every one in the world.

I entered this Forum thinking that this is better as it is devoted to the current problems.

The topics must be worthy of the time and energy we all spend jointly on them!

Hope I won't get disappointed here also!

May better sense prevail on everyone in the world!

with warm regards,
Dear Madam

Looking at the post, I got the same feeling as yours at first.

Then I stepped back and thought this way : He is talking about the current burning problem of brahmin boys - Why they are rejected by the Brahmin girls.He wants suggestions so that Girl's family/girls will consider the prospective boys.

May be the way he has put it could have been better.

my two cents(or paise)

hon. Ramaniji,
I totally support your openion, this is just an effort to divert attention from serious issues haunting the brahmin community and also it is equally an attempt to mount all guilt on brahmin boys. as if all brahmin girls are holy cows.
why only brahmin boys change their lifestyle already they have faced so much discrimination, opression, hatred and childish and ignorant attitude of their own caste elders. why gils shouldnt change their attitude for sake of good of brahmin community?. Is it not just blakmailing by our own in hard times.
We should accept to remain unmarried throughout life than being subject of fancy of some half brain girl.
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