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Why men are atracted by women

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Frankly I don't have any knowledge about what vedas says. However, I have read in Magnetism `opposite poles will attract each other. Like poles will repel each other'. Same theory may hold good for human beings also.

All the best
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Sri Ramacchandra ji,

How can you be so sure to generalise that young men are attracted by
women? Are you living in some caves where newspapers and all other outside contacts are unavailable or prohibited?

That is why you have not heard of the same gender marriage. Such men are not attracted by women. (sorry my knowledge in this matter is only from superficial reading).And where are you going and observing this?

( There are many such topics in my armour also.Why young children are attracted by chocolates? Why ants are attracted by sugar? Why bees and butterflies are attracted by flowers? -- sample Poruma ?)

Cheers and Greetings for smooth flow of the thread.
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For gay marriages and lesbian marriages there is a site Galva,
But this web site is discussing about the wounders on What Vedas quote and see the result.

Here all the subjects are peeped in side with a hope that this discussions will bring best out of human thoughts.

So if any one has an idea that will be useful for this discussion may kindly post their opinion, and share their knowledge on Vedas.
Why men are attracted by women ?

There's nothing that i can add from a veda standpoint but when i saw this thread, this is what sprang to my mind.

Question that we are yet to tackle
Ever since Adam bit into the apple
What maker her the macho man’s dragnet
Inseparably attracted as iron to the magnet

Do we seek her only for desires carnal
Or is there something more eternal
Designated to be man’s better half
Turning a raging bull into a timid calf

Need her to give us the courage to try
Shoulder to lean, pair of eyes to cry
Surrounded by many when we’ve won
Only she’d remember we’d be all done

We need her to keep darkest secret
She’s after all guardian of our closet
Our DNA carries message of attraction
Lest the heart always be in a contraction

Sight of her takes us to a new zone
Attraction, a function of our hormone
Call it love or dismiss it as carnal lust
Without her, man is speck of cosmic dust
Adi Sankara stated:

" Naareesthanabhara Naabhee desam
Drushtwa maaga mohavesam
Etanmaamsa vasaadi vikaaram
Manasi vichindaya vaaram vaaram

" The full grown breasts and the navel of a woman,attracts and excites the viewer at the moment of sight, But please be reminded ,that this is only a combination flesh ,blood and dirt"

Pls excuse me if my translation is not upto the mark.My intention is only to give a essence for people who may not have knowledge in Sanskrit.

Hats off to you Hariharan,

I may add a few more words for fact and fun,

man and woman:

Mathematically saying : They are either complimentary or supplementary
i.e man+ woman=180 degree OR man +woman =360 deg

Scientifically speaking they are opposite poles : attracting each other

Literally speaking ,they are opposites ; Nara and Naari

Chemically speaking: they are two elements:
their combination produces another compound.

Vedically speaking: they are yajna bhaaga s,
“rethas” offered into “yoni”

Colloquially speaking : They are lock and key
It is but natural for men to be attracted to women. Indeed God Himself has created a woman to appear beautiful to men's eyes. Hence if a man is attracted to a woman, and vice versa, it is a normal instinct. It is inherent of wise men to admire beauty. A thing of beauty is joy forever. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. All that is needed for a man is to guard and control his emotions. He shall not let this admiration of beauty to slip into and extend to an infatuation and obsession and lust. After all, this beauty of the flesh is mortal and not eternal. The same beauty of the beautiful woman will fade when she becomes old and her skin develops wrinkles. Again man and woman are not like opposite poles. A woman fills that element of man which is empty and which makes him incomplete. By filling that element a woman makes a man complete. It is this passion to be complete that attracts men to women. And the vice versa is also true. A woman is also attracted to a man who will make her complete. Shiva is not complete without Parvathi and vice versa.
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Even in Planets we have Male, Female and she male all called by gender!
Even in Planets we have Male, Female and she male all called by gender!

Dr. VR's nobel prize is a credit to the "community" -- a code word for you know what -- that produces the above?
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There are good number of referrences available in Vedas about Double Planets or a Male Planet supprted by She Planets or She Male Planets. A male Planet is the one that has or creates Electrons(-ve) and a She Planets are the one that has magnetic force (+ve) and She male planets are the Æthers, that carries the electro Magnetic force to the Earth.
The Vedas quotes about this clearly!
The woman not only in Human but also in animal and in Plants, has a pulling power the magnetic force, which is due to her Hydrogen contents in her. She has Hydro carbons in her cells. When water is formed with Oxygen and Hydrogen, it is H2 that covers oxygen and convert that oxygen in to water., and this water is not only H2O, but it has Urea, Formaldehydes, resins, caseins, and other gases that penetrates in water that may look like dissolved but can be separated by heating.

The women, who has the Uterus, which has the power to attract all the vibrations from the Planets, naturally attracts the opposite sex the male who is -ve ions.

The wonders of the nature is women, in human and in animals. But they should be utilized properly. She has the power to convert the blood in to milk, which has Calcium. for this also uteres is responsible.

Women as such can work hard than that of men, but since they have memory pockets in their brain in small knots they are emotional and afraid of speed.
Her flesh has Calcium Hydrocorbens which she doen't want to loose and the women while walking in Hot Sun prefers to go with an Umbrella.

So the magnetic force from the Uteres is the one that attracts the men, and the men which has a connection with the breasts.

The breasts has the power to pull the magnetic force from Venus and Mercury both for men and women, and the breast of the women has lots of fibrils, which is filled with calcium resin and hydrocarbons, which has a link with uterus, absorbs the vibrations from the Moons of the Sun, the Venus and Mercury and send the waves in to the uterus, that creates a baby with strong bones.

Regarding the child with mind power it is the Nabhi, the belly button that plays a roll.

So when a man with fighting tendency approach a woman, he looses and surrenders to the force she sends from her body.

If we see Dhathathreya Kavasam and Hamsa Kavasam, and go deep in to it we can understand.
Ha- the rare, superior, Amsa- Figure the shape, Kavasha set aside.

We can take this as to set aside the ugly side of the human.
Sri Ramacchandran ji,

You are doing excellent research work involving our ancient vedhas and modern science. It is really wonderful read your analysis.

Please keep it up

All the best
Why men are attracted by women

This is natural instinct given by God Almighty for the purpose of procreation just like a new born calf goes to the udder of the cow for milk for the purpose of satisfying its hunger.Though a male finds the opposite sex attractive the social norms guide him in the matter of choosing his partner for the purpose.

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