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Why do we worship tulasi?

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In Sanskrit, tulanaa naasti athaiva tulasi - that which is incomparable (in its qualities) is the tulasi
For Indians it is one of the most sacred plants. In fact it is known to be the only thing used in worship, which, once used, can be washed and reused in pooja - as it is regarded so self-purifying.
As one story goes, Tulasi was the devoted wife of Shankhachuda, a celestial being. She believed that Lord Krishna tricked her into sinning. So she cursed Him to become a stone (shaaligraama). Seeing her devotion and adhered to righteousness, the Lord blessed her saying that she would become the worshipped plant, tulasi that would adorn His head.
Also that all offerings would be incomplete without the tulasi leaf - hence the worship of tulasi.
She also symbolises Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Those who wish to be righteous and have a happy family life worship the tulasi.
Tulasi is married to the Lord with all pomp and show as in any wedding.
This is because according to another legend, the Lord blessed her to be His consort. Satyabhama once weighed Lord Krishna against all her legendary wealth. The scales did not balance till a single tulasi leaf was placed along with the wealth on the scale by Rukmini with devotion.
Thus the tulasi played the vital role of demonstrating to the world that even a small object offered with devotion means more to the Lord than all the wealth in the world.
The tulasi leaf has great medicinal value and is used to cure various ailments, including the common cold.

Yanmule sarvatirhaani
Yannagre sarvadevataa
Yanmadhye sarvavedaascha
Tulasi taam namaamyaham

I bow down to the tulasi, At whose base are all the holy places, At whose top reside all the deities and In whose middle are all the Vedas.
Author: Kapil Dev
Source - Knol

I salute your knowledge . Please keep on posting such messages. Also, if I am permitted, let me make the following observation. (which I read in " Kurai ondrum illai" -first part by Mukkur Sri LakshmiNarasimhachar) . When plucking Tulasi for devotional purposes, one should use one's fingers only, especially the fleshy parts and not the nails. When doing so one should chant the slokam " Tulasi Amritajanmaasi, Sadaatvam Kesavapriye"- meaning " Oh, Tulasi, birthplace of the nectar, your are always dear to Kesavan."


It is highly enlightening.
Thulai is used in tamil to indicate balance. Tholvi thulai allar kannum kolal -- kural. English word tally has its root here.
This holy plant has no parallel as you have rightly quoted.
Lord Krishna is pleased with a small fruit or flower or leaf or a little water. Pushpam pathram phalam thoyam goes the saying.
Of the tulasi types krishna thulasi is supposed to be very sacred, I learn Krishna means here black . Spiritually it removes the disease of birth and death and medically it removes kabham and sputum .
I may be corrected . thanks
I remember the story I read when i am at school days - " TULASI THALAM", which had a great impact on me. Tulasi having great potency... i recently read in some article, that i have the capacity to purify the air, and even recomends as prophylaxis for Swine flu, we should encourage to grow more and more TULASI wherever possible. Tulasi cultivation should be encouraged in temple land, temple nandavanams. regards,


Can any one tell us the method of keeping Tulsi at our Home
What are the poojas and rituals to be follwed
What are mantras / slokas tobe recited etc.

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