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Why defer Ayodhya judgment?

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Why defer Ayodhya judgment?

All the parties to the except one feel there is no scope for settlement on the issue. Whom will one party talk to? It is infeasible though it is surely sincere about it.

Then why did the SC defer it?

But can SC do it even? That is to be seen now or in future. Such a deferment has not happened. At most, SC can stay hearings and call a case to itself. So why did it do it?

CJI is a Parsi. He has appointed a muslim judge to the three judge bench too. Can you guess the fate of the case?

What happens if the judgment is not delivered by 1 Oct? One and only outcome. It can never be delivered, as J. Sharma is to retire on that day. He would not be able to deliver his part of the judgment, as a judge MUST the judgment in the OPEN court. It cannot be pre-signed in advance, nor can it be post dated. So the whole hearing becomes infructous. The will be defered indefinitely.

Who gains? Obviously Congi, it can keep the issue for a long time frighten the muslims with saffron terror.

Who loses? The litigants, of course are the immediate losers. The winner loses moral authority it could derive at the SC stage. Target seems to be VHP and Hindu parties. Thus Congi can deprive the BJP of a potent issue.
That maybe the political agenda of the Congi. But why is SC doing it? First bear in mind that even CJI have to retire ONE day. Has SC been "asked"? Is it not possible? Why could the SC not wait for the case till it came to it in appeals? After all, almost every litigant would find fault with a little or small point of the judgment.

Is it a Sonia or the Supreme?
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