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why ******* boys dont get girls

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dear all
i had stated that the first request was for the Debit card. it is true (look within-if you are the parent of a singa kutty).
the moment they get placed in a job ,these singa kutties go for all possible loan from the banks.they want the biggest cars, biggest flats in OMR and so on. they reach their credit limit and fish for a girl with a meaty salary package.no body can deny this. only a little introspection is required.it hurts when truth is told in bold voice.
Yes i do agree regarding relations- we were very specific about parents staying with the boy- our girl was not averse to the idea. only She wanted her space (so luggage /baggage issue was not a problem)
Arguing for the other side many boys wanted that the girl should not even visit parents once a while. only during pandigai it was ok- you know why it was ok-you guessed it right -for seeru.

with 25lakh income why Chevrolet car we expected BMW.(the fellow must have exhausted credit limit by buying a huge mansion in OMR)
When an educated well employed girl is sought it is but natural to expect some helping hand at home. we do not want our girls to be supermoms doing all the cooking /house hold chores and also run out to catch the office shuttle. come on guys have a heart she is also a human being and not chekkumadu in your cattle pound.

So it is OK if the boy stays near his work place but not OK if the girl wants a mid point. do i smell an MCP.
So also it is OK for the boy to take care of his parents and not OK for girls ( i being a top official -we dont require financial support/but can't cut the ties we have with our child)

when our girl was born we had vowed to give her the best in life,despite the male oriented society in India. we have done that.
despite constant shifting we gave her the best education, she got placed in No1 MNC. she rose quickly and now in a comfortable position.

So both boys and girls parents spend love affection care money time to bring them up,but the girl has to cut the relations in one stroke and move never to look back. on top her parents have to spend several lakhs as marriage expenditure. in the marriage one onnu vitta thambi ambadayaloda mama will say i did not get thamboolam and all hell will break loose. wah wah very nice sir
For all the elders here ,my only request is please do some introspection and realize the reality on the ground.yes sometimes i feel like kicking these negative regressive backwards in the but, i restrain.
what i have written so far is an edited version -full blast would have rattled many bloated egos.
with best wishes and regards
Dear sri eswaran

wisdom lies in making the right choice of boy.

why get into arranged marriages and lament later?

You had a choice -girl could have got to know the boy , dated him and found out enough about him and his family before jumping into marriage and complaining later.

this is hindsight.

arranged marriages settled by parents invariably end up with exploitation both physical and monetory for one of the parties.

It would have been wise if the boy and the girl were allowed to settle everything among themselves without parents going near them.

such marriages are friction free and normally both are happy.

Where parents of either side poke their noses into married childrens lives and shed false tears for boy or girl end up only damaging marriages.

Whom does it help?
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