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Why are more Indians opting for EB-5 visa route to pursue higher studies in the US?


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According to the Ministry of External Affairs, the US is the most preferred destination for Indian students seeking a foreign degree. As of July 2018, there are 7.5 lakh Indians studying abroad and 28% or 2.1 lakh students are studying in the US.

Apart from the vast difference in the quality of learning in India and the US, Indian students prefer an American degree because it often serves as an easy route to finding a job and settling in the country.

However, growing rhetoric against immigration, increased focus on H-1B visa misuse, controversial proposals like revocation of the AC21 rule, and adverse rule changes to the H4 visa means conventional options are no longer a simple route to the green card as in the past.


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Seeking a simpler, faster, and less uncertain visa process, Indian students are now exploring the EB-5 visa route to pursue higher studies in the US.

Under this program, an applicant fulfilling these two requirements is granted a conditional two-year green card.

* Make an at-risk investment of $1 million ($500,000 if investment is made in a Targeted Employment Area) in a commercial enterprise

* Create ten permanent jobs for American workers

The conditions are removed if the conditions of the program are met over the two-year period. The EB-5 visa offers numerous advantages for somebody planning to pursue higher studies in the USA.

Qualifying for the green card by putting in an amount equal to the average cost of an American degree offers great value for money with numerous benefits and advantages.


With an EB-5 visa in hand, an Indian graduating with an American degree can search for jobs, setup a startup, invest in an existing business, or even lead a retired life if he or she chooses with virtually no restrictions.

For most Indians, studying in the US is merely the first step towards a prosperous and stable future. With existing options offering little long-term stability, the EB-5 visa may be the simplest and most elegant way to live the American Dream.

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