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Whom to contact for Tamil Brahmin last rites and further religious rites

Given the lack of responses so far, I would assume that your best bet is to drive to the said temple and ask around. Are you asking for yourself/own demise?
Please go to
Lakshmi Narayan Temple at South Ham / London.
I have seen priests of various TB communities there.
Dear all

I live in East London, probably 20 min drive from East Ham Murugan Temple. Please can someone let me know if there is facility and if priests would be available to perform last rites and 13 day kaaryam as per Tamil Iyer custom? Please can you let me know whom to contact for all this? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.
You can wait and when you come to India next ime, go to etither Rameswaram or Kashi and perform the ritual. The dead person will not complain. But every day offer ten handful of water telling the departed that you are offering Arkyam and on the aniversary give a feast to some poor. If you know the meaning of the Mantras, it is asking Yama's messengers not to give trouble to the departed soul. No one has ever returned and complined so far. The point is mourning is part of the loss and rituals and continous weeping for ten days, make you drained and slowly you accept the death as inevitable.

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