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Who should do the Karma

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Dear Members,

This matter was referred to me by one of my elderly friend. His father's brother's son passed away two days back. The person who passed away was a bachelor. One of his brother was also a bachelor. Another brother of him has married to an Anglo Indian lady and having children. In such a situation, who should be performing all the Kriyas and other releated ceremenies from 9th day onwards.

Looking for suggestions from learned members of the forum.

I agree with Mr Ambattur Balasubramian. I will go a step further. If the father too is no more or not in a condition to
perform the rituals and the married brother reluctant, then the unmarried brother can receive darbai [kusha] from him
and perform the rituals. "Darbai Giving" is like a Power of Attorney, empowering/authorising one to perform rituals
on one's behalf.

In Rituals, ceremonies and poojas in anthim karyams thread requested by anand k iiyer i have given details, about 40 persons inthe order who can do karmas. \if the dead person's brother younger or elder or their son are eligible to do karmas . Mr. Praveen has kind enough to make these as sticky threads but he says that replies to other members are impossible to make it as sticky threads. and I have given him all the URL NOS. to make a sub forum and in that sub forum as sticky threads enabling our members to go through first to get easily answeres for them.

In page no. 7. in the thread anthim karyams i have given details in page 2 about the kartha vivarams. kindly go through that to get answer and also request Mr,. Praveen to make all : as sticky threads at his earliest convenience.URL 6560. my answeres to include in the sticky thread anthimkaryams/ anthyesty.

This topic has already been discussed already. However, I would like to quote
this topic under the title "Impurity Conventions and Procedures" by Shri Vyasaraja
Seva Samithi. It has published an article under the above title elaborately
which discusses various aspects. It is in a book form. Kindly go through and
enlighten yourself.

Not open for further replies.

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