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Who should do kanniga daanam (Dharai Vathu kodukal)

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In my opinion You have to do it (if you are married) since you are the deemed parents. Kannigadhanam is a very auspecious right of yours and do not leave it to any body.
Kanniga danam

Yes ,you should do it because after your parents it is the right of brother to do the kanya dhanam and you are fortunate to do this.

Lalitha Balaji
In the book dharma sasthram written by s.v. radhakrishna satrigal and published by surabhi jagathguru sathapthy publications page no .31 If father expired father's father or mother's father or elder brother (married) or any old person on the same family can do kaya dhaanam.

So you can do kanyadhanam for your sister as per dharma sastram.
You have the right to perform kanniga daanam for your sister and do not have any doubts in your mind.
Besides I have seen precedents in such cases where the brothers did the kanniga daanam for their sisters.
You know for muslim the Kanya Daan can only be done by the biological father.
That too the girl has to be a daughter born in the wedlock.
If the daughter is born out of the wedlock her biological father cant preform the Kanya Daan.

In cases of biological father is dead,cannot be traced or girl born out of the wedlock a specially appointed individual from the religious department called Wali Hakim preforms the Kanya Daan.
Dear All,

Our father deserted us long back.. Now my sister is to be married. WHo should do the kannigadanam. Me & my wife OR my perima-peripa(dad's brother & sister in law). Though they are senior, my sister feels that we should do since my perima peripa do not have any role in pour upbringing.

Normally, in a house, while the senior member is alive from the father's side, (if father is no more), it is a customary
practice to invite the Periappa and Periamma to do this or Chithappa and Chithi can also do it. If you mother wishes
you to do it and you have the blessings of others, elder brother can also do it. There are precedents to this effect.

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