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Who Owns The Moon?

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Nearly 40 years after the U.S. flag was planted on the moon, a global rush to the final frontier has some pondering property rights out there.
India, Japan and China are now circling the moon with their respective spacecraft ? to be joined next year by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
How can a mere human, who is nothing but a dust particle own something so awesome.. and this race is absolutely ridiculous... I am afraid by doing something against nature, I mean trying to build on the moon, might upset the balance and if the orbits goes off a bit, then what happens.. I don't know what the future holds, but man's race and fascination for the infinite has already begun so many years ago.. I used to be absolutely mesmerized with the Star Trek series, Buck rogers series and movies like that.... now I wonder if life will imitate the tv drama.. it is thrilling at the same time scary.. I feel in spiritual level one can be anywhere and be everywhere.. but to achieve that you need faith in your abilities and concentration.

on the humour side, everyone who used to charm their wife or lover's face by saying " un mugam poorna chandhiran pol oliveesigiradhu" is going to get flack saying, do I have buildings on my face.. I remember when the first pictures came from Lunar expedition. there were so many jokes floating relating to that..
hahahahaa!!! Na baba, muje nahi chaiyiye ayesi real estate property.. but song is beautiful from Pakeeza.. :)

I can imagine the words.. : "Aavo kojayain sitaarome kaheen.... " that is enough for me.. :))
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