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Who is to Blame, Tell us


Active member
In yet another case of brazen civic apathy, at least six people died and several more were injured when a foot overbridge collapsed near Mumbai’s busy CST local train station on Thursday night.

Shockingly, the bridge had been audited and declared safe just six months ago.

The city police has lodged an FIR against BMC officials and railway authorities, while Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has ordered the Municipal Commissioner to probe the reasons behind the mishap. Various authorities and officials, however, have already begun pinning the blame on each other.

We want you, the readers, to use our comments section to pay tribute to the deceased and send a strong message to India’s civic bodies, who think they are unaccountable to the public.



Well-known member
It was a tragedy.
Do we have to find a scapegoat or true reason?
If it was inspected properly by a responsible auditor, can it have been sabotaged?
Was it overcrowded, or some other cause of the ACCIDENT?


Well-known member
The reason for this disaster is because we as a nation and people don't hold leaders responsible and accountable.

Hence the delivery of services have steady declined over the last 75 yrs and we are in this mess.

And you can see the mega debate still on in this forum and elsewhere in the country.

For some strange reason (LOL), a lot of people want us to vote for this govt despite such disastrous failures. I mean why lah ???



Well-known member
Again how hard would it have been for the state BJP govt to give an order to L&T or Siemens to demolish and rebuild all these old bridges.

I mean, any of you would have done this.

My advise - don't give excuses for failures how so ever you love the party and person. If I don't tell my favourite son or daughter to perform, then I am setting him or her up for failure.

Favrotisim, loyalty, are all okay, but first performance !!
The root cause is that all public projects must be discussed. Technical expertise from public funded institutes must be exploited. Analogouus to DGCA or Railway safety board, we should also have safety clearance and oversight board for Public projects right from Bridges to Dams.

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