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Who is a good doctor?

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I reproduce below a sanskrit verse, enjoyed by me, describing who is a good doctor? What a good doctor can do best for his patients? Of-course, this is one sarcastic expression. I thought of sharing this with the members.

Courtesy: A News Letter by a Memorial Hospital in Chennai

“ Vaidyaraja namasthubyam,
Yamaraja sahodara;
Yamaha tu harathi pranani,
Vaidhyaha pranani, dhanani cha.”

Meaning – “Salutations to the doctor of medicine, brother of Yamaraja; Lord Yama takes away only someone’s life, but the good doctor takes away life and money too”

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!" _ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்

Doctors are doing a devine profession.
As like Sardarji jokes are humiliating one group
the same way this will also humiliate one group professionals.
Pl correct, if I am wrong

Hurry.worry and curry--- the best causes for diseases

Dr Diet,Dr Quiet,and Dr Merryman--- the best Doctors

i don't know about others, but i think, making jokes of ethnic communities, religions, language and caste, can be considered insulting.

i think, many TBs feel insulted at jokes hurled at them in the movies, in Delhi etc.

but, having jokes on professions, is across caste and nationality. it is a profession, like engineering or IT or plumber or farmer. these are poking fun at the way people do their jobs.

the doctor here could be brahmin, italian, mudaliar, christian or muslim. across the world, people crack jokes about professions and politicians. it appears to be fair game.

i leave it to the public to give other opinions.


Sreeindia111 j

'வாளால் அறுத்துச் சுடினும் மருத்துவன் பால் மாளாத காதல்' கொண்ட நோயாளியின் நிலையில் நின்று பெருமாளை வணங்கி நிற்கும் குலசேகர ஆழ்வாரின் பாசுரம் ஒன்றே போதும், மருத்துவர்களின் தேவையையும் சேவையையும் உணர்வதற்கு.. சர்தார்ஜி ஜோக்குகளில் எனக்கும் உடன்பாடு இல்லை. இதில் இருக்கும் மெலிதான நகைச்சுவையே இதை அனுப்பக் காரணம். தங்களின் கருத்தை ஏற்றுக்கொள்கிறேன்.

Even while a doctor is doing a surgical operation with sharp weapons, the patient will show highest regards to the doctor. This condition is well explained in a pAsuram by Kulasekara Azhwar. His equation is : Even when Narayanan gives him lot of pains in life, he will continue to praise him as one of his ever bhakthas. This amply explains the position enjoyed by doctors in the society and the necessity of having their services. I selected this piece because of the thin humour involved in this expression. I am aso not in favour of sardarji jokes. I take your viewpoint pls.

"அவரவர் இச்சையில் எவை எவை உற்றவை அவை தருவித்தருள் பெருமாளே!"
_ திருவக்கரை திருப்புகழ்
While I was in the process of composing reply to sreeindia111 j,, Suryakasyapa ji & kunjuppuji's postings have come. I note their views also. I think I hv explained my position pls. I am glad to note that Shri Kunjuppu ji has supported with the fact that Doctors/Lawyers/any Professionals,for that matter, may come from any cast, creed, nationality etc. unlike Sardarji. I repeat I am not in favour of Sardarji jokes, since they insult a particular group pls. Thanks all.
Thanks for accepting my feelings.
Though all other professionals may be taken for
granted for making humor, Doctors and Teachers seems to be more
devine in their professions.
One is saving our life and other is shaping our life.
Let us give them more regards.
Thats all. Nothing to feel hurt.
When the patient is brought in a serious condition-- Doctor is considered as God

When patient is recovering --Doctor is seen as angel

Just before discharging -- Doctor becomes a noble man

When he gives the bill--- he is hated as a Devil
( by some patient and relatives not all)
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