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who can keep golu?

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I suppose she can start a tradition, if it is ok with her in laws.. particularly the MIL.. in case she is living with them.. I think they might welcome this as a good thing.. :)
a girl gets married. in her pukunda veedu, they dont have practise of keeping golu. shall this girl start keeping golu even though the pukunda veedu doesnt have the tradition of keeping golu?

The practice has been that if there is no kolu (I prefer this rustic but true kolu to the half-baked golu) in the husband's house the dil does not start one as soon as she comes. May be when the mil/fil are dead and gone and the dil has daughters she may start kolu as a new practice. Once started it cannot be discontinued at will and the dil of that house will have to continue.
i agree with what 'Sangom' has said..however even if the dil has come, gollu is kept in the house when there is a grand daughter in the house as this festival is more of a 'ladies' initiated one.
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