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Which Matha it is?

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In Mackenzie Manuscript, date of which 1862., Vol I, Edited by T.V.Mahalingam, Printed by Madras University in 1972., states about a Matha at Coimbattore , Jnanasivacari, which was maintained by Vellala, , Chettiars,Tarakanmars etc., and also at Perur and Karakkal Palayam it also has connections with Matha at Tirunelveli., and the Acharya should be a Brahmin of Vasishta Gothra.

Can any one tell me which matha it is?
It may be of Manikkavachaga, Saint Manikka aasagha appointed a Brahmin boy in his matha and he was looking after Avinasi, Vijayamangalam etc., on 14th June1807, the name of the acharya was Rajalinga Manikkavasagar (page 120)
Some senior citizens of Coimbattore can give answer for this
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