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Which is the astonishing thing that you like in our religion??

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I let this thread like a poll, but Iam not leaving any options. So, this will be like an usual thread.

For me, the scriptures (both vedic and as well as other religious scriptures) are the astonishing thing that I always admire in our religion. I think none of the religion has not this much wealth...

I invite everyone to share their likings towards our religion...

Sri Durga. The values and cutural heritage propounded in our religion is of such magnitude which is unheard of elsewhere.
the variety

Happa!! How many sampradayams, how many sects and how many doctrines. There is place even for nihilism (Naaththigam) in our religion.
Other religions may be likened to small or big shops. Our religion is a super bazaar or a giant departmental store where you can get from pin to plane .( this is only an analogy and it has its limitations.)
There are plenty infact...
one thing I like most is our Prayers are not for self alone,we pray for the entire Humanity "sarve loka sugino bhavanthu"- what a beautiful concept!That in short explains Hinduism.
Is it possible to make judgement , a choice.? Can anybody fathom the full depths of this Great Ocean? How can one pick up just one thing, when you get anything and everything-uncountable. It is a perennial source of everything.

But still as the question is put, I will try to answer with my limited capability and capacity. -- just like a person standing on beach, enjoying the breeze, and wondering about the sea, where it starts and where it ends!

Yes, I like(wonder) its all inclusiveness. I like its acceptance of opposites, --protagonists and antagonists. I like its capacity to absorb and dilute anything fierce, It has space for the bachelor and Grihasta, it has space for the Ekapatnivrita and the polygamous:
In the same epic it has Dasaratha and Rama, not accepting one or blaming the other.

To put in one sentence what is astonishing to me in this religion is that this encompasses all that human race needs,:- was, is and will be.

Sorry, I fail in this. Everything is astonishing

What i like about Sanathana Dharma is the fact that the mind is allowed to explore, question,agree and diasgree in various aspects of the Its practical application.
No form of compulsion is ever imposed at any stage and rules are not rigid as to force down facts one's throat at sword point.
Wrong is viewed as Right turned inside out and not condemned to Hell with no way out.
Can there be a flower more beautiful than Sanathana Dharma whose petals can paint a picture of different shades.
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Great great and great views... I expected these only. Let we see other opinions too. This shows the greatness of our religion. See there are 'n' numbers of things for which we love this religion. For this very same reason itself, we should get pride over it. Thanks to all for your active psotings.

Dear Durgadasan i agree with you and thanks for starting this thread.
but only one thing i beg to differ is we should not pride over Sanathana Dharma.
Pride invariably comes with Prejudice.
Love is the best feeling one should have towards Sanathana Dharma.
Love is the only weapon that can cause massive destruction of negativity and reinstates Dharma.

If things had turned out slightly differently, this thread would be waxing eloquent (h/t Brahma Rishi) about either Buddism or Jainism, not Sanatana Dharma.

Know your history, please!
Dear Sri Brahma Rishi,

I do not understand this statement. What aspect of our religion that we 'preach' that we do not 'practice'? Can you clarify?


We wax eloquent about our religion. We hardly practice what we preach. That is the most astonishing thing about our religion.
Even the manusmruthi and all the other sastras, we are preaching them. But the religion is not compelling us to strictly adhere on them na... I think he said something like that...

Smiritis mean"that which has to be remembered". Unlike vedas smiritis are composed by human and they list certain codes and rules governing the actions of individual, community and the society. They are also called dharma shastras. Manu is supposed to be a law giver and Manusmiriti is one of the 18 smiritis. They are not considered divine and can be modified. So there is a lot of latidute and freedom. Venkat
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