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When to find the "true' color of women?

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Hi All:

When I and my wife were driving to work this morning, we heard an interesting news item on the radio.

It said, women look 'good' only for the first 2.22 hours in the morning!! whereas men look good all day.

I corraborated this story with my wife (as she was putting her makeup!! while I was driving) and she seemed to agree with
the story, somewhat. While the 2.22 hours is subjective, she agreed that the level of makeup and the pressure at work would
perhaps determine how long 'women' looked good. I was vehement that the news must be correct as their finding was based on
sampling of women population with all sorts of makeup and work types. See, after all, the powders, foundations, colors, lipstick,
sparkles et al must wear off sometime, and ola...the 'true color' must show up eventually!! We, men do not need these accessories whenever we need to freshen ourselves, we could simply wash our face and comb our hair...and there you have good looking men.

Moral of the story: I caution the male members of the forum, especially the ones in hot pursuit of women, dont get carried
away looking at women first thing in the morning....give them sometime and their 'true colour' will eventually show up and you
can make your decisions at that time!!

Disclaimer: I am only a messenger here; as much as I agreed with my wife that she looks beautiful anytime of the day, I also
hasten to mention that the lady members of this august forum have both inner and outer beauty to carry through all day;
in case of the ones who by sheer bad luck should lose their 'outer beauty" at 10.22 am, dont be concerned, your
inner beauty will kick in to compensate for it.

I run for cover now.....
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I agree to a certain extent about men only in terms of physical appearance that what you see is what you get. Not so with all/many women because of make up or the lack of and hair style/lengths/perms/straightening/colouring etc. I guess its a double edged sword. Having said that make up cant ever change physical features in a woman's face.

Either way we can only find out the true colour of both men and women after getting to know them for some time :)

PS: Its very interesting to note the number of threads about/around women from the day i joined until now. I do wonder why us women don't feel a need to start threads about men as often. Perhaps its got something to do with our numbers here.
Either way we can only find out the true colour of both men and women after getting to know them for some time :)

That is true.
When you said makeup did you forget plastic surgery. There was a lady who had 50 plastic surgery to look like a barbie doll.:violin:
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