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When the going gets tough......

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We are living in testing times. Some challenges are being thorwn at us. We'll have to confront them through more hardwork. There is no other way.

On one hand we need to string together and get a political voice. This is bound to happen atleast in UP but this is may take time.

On the other hand we need to take a hard look at our personal lives.

1. Don't waste money. Remember we may have to go abroad to get decent education in future.

2. Health is wealth.

3. No domestic politics of the mamiyaaar marumagal variety and others. We simply can't afford it. Mind you we're under attack!!! Domestic politics always results in high transactional costs.

4. Simple austere life

5. Help our community...not necessariliy in kind but by sharing ideas and thoughts.

6. Be pragmatic and practical

In short , go back to the basics to our Gurus and (re)equip ourselves and fight this battle.
hai ram,
u r being more practical and trying to avoid all those basic attitudes of human nature.it is the only truth that we can get back to our form only if u u under the guide of our guru.o wouldlike to quote my favourite topic mamiyar marumagal issues cannot be avoided as we cant let know to mamiyars that world has changed now and we have to cope up with the world.and onemore thing is that u cant tell them as they r supposed elders and talking back to them is highly incorrect.i understand that we can try to gain some knowledge from them but then when they themselves are at bias of understanding the basic qualities of what a brahmin should follow then where do we go to understand the principles of life.any way what u say is riht with respect to leading a brahminical way of life under the influence of our guru.
thank u
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