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When Not To Do Puja?

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Yes.. Il You should not perform poojas in "soodhak" periods. The soodak kalam is similar to what we treat ladies on those three days of their menstruation.

Also, doing poojas is to get peace. If you start poojas with anger and madness, there will be of no use na. With the calm mind and cool atmosphere we can worship lord without any disturbances. So only sages choose such places like forests, riversides, gardens, etc...

Hope it clears a bit atleast

just a question during menses is it ok to go on reciting prayers as usual.
i dont do poojas in prayer rooms anyway even on non menses day but i do recitation of mantras and bhajans on a daily basis as i mentioned in a different thread.
i prefer to write naamavalli then to chant it as it would be a good mental exercise and at the same time get to practice my written sanskrit.
i do all this even on the days which are deemed " unclean".
i never felt any different from other days.
is it wrong.
Sow.Sri. Renukakarthikayan,

You are knowledgable. I don't think you need answer from someone.

Menses is a natural process. In our home that does not disqualify my daughter from taking part in any pooja. My wife still stays away and would direct our children to perform pooja when she feels she is 'unclean'. But mostly, we don't bother for any pooja on such days (daily pooja is done by our son). Practices may differ from person to person. I just wrote what we do.
Dear raghy,

i can always learn anytime and from anyone. maybe i might not know something you know and you might not know something i know. but when we put our heads togather we can learn something new.

you actually have a teenaged daughter?????
you have the young and lively drive in all your post.
i thought you were just in your 20's and married maybe for 2-3 years.

anyway thanks for your response and reply.

Dr.Renuka ji,

I could understand your point of view regarding this query.

If I am not wrong I think, your self being a doctor you could see everything in human's body from medical point of view. The whole bodily process are just based on complex and logical human body anatomy that God himself has offered. We just need to be physically and mentally clean and keep our heart pure to worship God. This is enough to do continue pooja during menses as well as a routine.

As I came to know I want to share with you that Christians don't have such restrictions. Girls visit even church and do their regular prayers during menses period.

I don't know what sort of powerful mantras they are chatting...I doubt if such mantras exists among Christians.

But one thing. Personally I feel that a girl during menses period can generally pray to God wishing for a good day and peace of mind but should not recite mantras of special values, that is Moola Mantram, Stotram etc which are considered to be revoking special spiritual powers around us and taking its benefit. Reciting such mantras during menses period would be deemed to degrade the power and importance of such mantras.

However I personally feel that writing Namavali in Sanskrit would not be wrong as these Namavalies are to praise the specific God/Goddess with different names. That would be considered just revering the God/Goddess and no way would revoke any special powers.
dear raviji,

thanks for response.
i just wanted to know if any specific mantra was prohibited during menses and you named a few.

dear raviji,

thanks for response.
i just wanted to know if any specific mantra was prohibited during menses and you named a few.


I am sorry, but to remind you that: a similar discussion was in this site, deviating to unexpected fields.I was one among the members who wanted the thread to be closed because of its nuisance value at that time.. I request you that , either go through the archives and find the thread,or you may contact the erstwhile and present moderators to find more on this. Again I request ,if you can, get the needed knowledge from personal interactions with elder women relatives or friends,who can clarify more personally.

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