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When is the first "star" birthday?

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How is star birthday determined? Tamil month & Star for the day have to match right? And if there are two days for the star in a single Tamil month, the first time the star falls in that Tamil month is taken. Hope I am right?

Does the Nakshatra Birthday always fall about 10 days before the 'English' date of birth?

If a child is born on 1st day of a Tamil month and we follow this rule, it comes to be the same star of the previous Tamil month.

In such cases we must celebrate the 'star' birthday about 20 days after the 'English' date?

Can someone clear this doubt for me please?
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Each of the Tamil Months fall between 14 or 15 to 17 or 18th of the English month.
Per practice the day in which the Birth Star is present at Sunrise in the Tamil Month is celebrated as the Birthday. If the star is present twice in the same Tamil Month, the latter one is used in most cases.
Thanks VenKrish ji
My doubt is:
for a child with DOB: 16/05/2011 which is 1st day of Vaikashi Masam (Swati);
Will the star birthday be 6th May 2012 (Chittirai Masam Swati) or 2nd June 2012 (Vaikashi Masam Swati).
Dear Balaji,
If the child was born in the month of Vaikashi and Swathi Nakshatram, the first birthday will be in Vaikashi + Swathi the following year. So it should be 2nd June 2012 per your note
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