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When did Brahmins Come down South

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A lot of speculative papers anf articlesare there on the Origins of Brahmins in Sothj India and their connection with Tamil/ Tamil Kingdoms
1. Agasthya one of the earliest Rishis is supposed to have crossed the Vindya and come down Soth.He is attributed with the Tamil language
2. There are references to the Pandya Kingdom in both The Ranayana and The Mahabaratha.So the question arises whether at that time even though Hinduism had penetrated south had the Brahmins come down?
What do the avilable undisputed records reveal?
I think this is a positive sybject to discuss.
The Brahmins are South Pole origins. They are from South! There is no question on this. No Aryan theory. But wish you people wait till I submit my thesis on this innovation.
ToAll. If Aryan are invaders and warriors,so we TBs is also belonging to the Vanniers, because vanniers themself called kshitrikaays. Kshitriyas are warriors. What I am correct. S.R.K.
The Bramins use to construct temples and apply NaNo technology, Asvatha Medha Yaga, Raja Sooya Yagha. They live for others. They created Vedic Text. They created Ayur Veda, used herbal as Alchemy. Brahmins never live for themselves.
The application NaNo technology in temple has a big answer and I am waiting for the thesis for submission. One it is submitted , the Utkal University of Culture will ask for a Viva Voce. I wish everyone to take part in that Viva Voce to be held in Bhubhaneshwar some time in 2010.

The Thesis paper may be available for reading at the University for refferences some time in July/ August.
Not open for further replies.

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