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When a Person die in U.S and other countries

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When a Brahmin dies in overseas, people say we need not bath or even do 10 days ceremonies and there is no pollution Why?

Secondly does the Sradha offered in U.S. for the pithur will it reach the concerned person father mother etc.,

Thirdly I don't know if the bramins perform Amavasai tharpanam there if you what will they chant, Bharatha varshe, Bharatha Kande or America varshe America Kande?

Will they follow the strict Veg and our rituals there ?

Here we take meals on Sradha Day at 3 P.M. and putting leave, or do the Sradha at 8 A.M. and leave for office at 9 A.M taking midday snacks, having tea at cafe etc.,

In U.S. what is the application?
One of my relative in Botswana performed last rites for his mother at Botswana (Just cremation alone). He immediately rushed to India and performed all the rituals here. He combined the monthly Masiyam/Sodakumbam into one day affair and then performed annual shrarda in India.

I think USA, Australia and few other developed countries will have much better facilities. I think the local temple priests in their respective cities help individuals to perform the rituals. They even perform all the festivals and thithi`s regularly.

Regarding whether they will say Bharatha varushe, baratha gande -- I have no idea. Only scholars can explain
the priests here in canada do say canada varshe amerika khande...

i have done the maasiyam for my mother here at the temple.

also the annual shraddhams, which i confined to prayers, with vaazhakkai/arisi in lieu of food, as the then priest we had, was reluctant to eat at other folks' house.

based on advice from family elders, for the first annual ceremony of my mother, i went to varanasi/gaya and performed the rites for both my parents, along with all my ancestors...

as the belief was that an elaborate gaya shraddham along with varanasi, will eventually release the souls of the pithurs.

since then, i have not observed or performed any annual ceremonies, as i was told, this would be superfluous.

it is all a matter of faith.

...though sometimes, convenience, cash and perhaps individual comfort too comes to play and influence our traditions.

God Bless.

ramac, for myself, after performing so many sradhhams since i was 14, and on the verge of old age myself, i have come to the conclusion, that no matter what prayers or offerings are done on one's behalf after death, it should all come to nought, if one leads a scoundrel's life.

i have seen rogues and scoundrels, immediately after death, raised to the level of pithurs and a halo of sanctity over their memory,while their numerous victims, many within our own community, continued to suffer.
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not sure what the elders will say, but i have lived in canada and attended weddings/funerals in north america for 35 years now.

i have heard vaguely in the past that different khande to suit where we live was okayed by the kanchi mutt.

if these prayers are also mutterable in tamil, perhaps we would understand what we mean, and could correctly translate our intentions accordingly.

thank you.
I didn't get the answer that I needed. Is the death occurred in Over sea is it causes pollution to his/ her relative in India. I think I saw a note in Kanchi mutt that the death happened in Overseas will not create any pollution in India., since the sea is dividing us.

And a sastry in the Mutt told me that no one in U.S. perform Amavasa Tharpanam, which was accepted by a devotee who came to mutt from U.S.

To compensate this, they said when they visit India, they perform the sradha at Kasi, Gaya and leave.

The reason, Here in India the soul is taken by Yama and handed over to Garuda, who takes the soul to Sukra Near Sun, where all the Souls are placed, and takes re birth.

Whereas when a death happens in Europe, the Soul is taken by Ebrahim, and in U.S. it is taken by Moses.(According to Quron and Bible)

The Sradha when Pinda is offered , according to our traditions, the Pinda is taken by Visvedeva and divided in to parts and offered to the souls

So the rituals in India need not be followed in U.S. and other Overseas.

So if a kartha or Son staying in U.S. need not follow the rituals on Sradha or Amavasa, and he can better skip them and if he finds time at any date he can visit Gaya and offer Pinda.

Being a garudha Upasaka and Lord Dathatherya upsaka after a long research in Vedas I conclude this point.

In Yajur Veda there were 18 Schools were teaching Girhya Sutra, and the sacred one with a great name is AApasthambha, which was located near Mysore and may be the Sringeri, where the Rudram and Samakam was created and chanted. Here is the place, where Asoka visited, and Mayamata, the Text of Vastu was written. Here is the place Srudha Sutra section of brahmins were formed!

So let us approach Sringeri Mutt and get the clarification on Grihya Suthras, on Srdha, Pinda, Death and other rituals.

In Hindu Culture Sringeri holds a place in B.C 8000- 7000 when Rama Visited the place and also visited the present Subramanya.

In Vijaya Nagara period the Sayana tried to hold the Mutt but lateron gave it up and replace by Tirumala Temple.

This is mentioned in Vamsa Brahmana. I am having a old edition of this book with me and if any one wish I will show the the xerox copy of that book.
Hello sir...

It is wrong to say.. America varshe.....

As per Dharma Sastra, the birth place of the individual has to be taken into consideration while performing the rituals....

This is also confirmed in the Astrology while computing the horoscope.....
Becose the cosmic energy released at the time of birth is the constant one, wherever the person leaves in this world....

As such it is not to be used as canade varshe and america kande and so on....

It is very clear... in hindu Dharma Sastra and Vedic Astrology, that the place of birth of the person for whom the rituals are to be performed shud be taken into account and not the place where he is living presently....

I think elders on this can comment on the above.......

Suppose if a person born in U.S. or Lanka, if the person die in India how will you account that Mr.Swami?
He may a hindu and Brahmin

In Dharama Sastras and Grihya Suthras we give lot of importance in death cermonies and we care that departed souls should not suffer as it will curse and a curse from a depated soul will end up in many sufferings. When we approch a person for astrology he says "Sir, you have lot of Pithr Sabha"
"It is better for you to do Prayachiththa and start next work" he adds. So the time has come where the bramins needs answers

Second and most asked question, The father dies in India, Son is in States, he will come after 4 or 5 days till then the body is place in cooling box, the Son comes on 5th day, preform his duty do everything in 13th day and leaves for States No 27th Day or Masyams, and again he comes on the Abhthigam, do everything in gaya and leaves for U.S.

Now the question is whether the rules are relaxed if a person has money and have a cock and bull story to justify his not doing his karma as a son, or his earnings are more important than doing Karma.

Then what is the use of having a son to come out of "Pith" the hell?

Again, for first 5 days when a body is cool box who will offer Water and food to the Soul?

There news appearing in Papers that Foreigners are visiting Kerala to do last rites and Sradha to their loved ones.

Actually where we are?
Dear Ramachandran and All: Actually where we are? a good Q, Now a days what we are performing in the name of last rights and rituals are just to please our society.No meaning in duing this rituals,once the Soul left the body it will enter to another body as per the soul's Balance of Sanchitha,Praraptha and Kiriyaman Karmas left,there is no quarentee for another Human Birth.The soul may reborn or escaped from Birthcycles and merge with source(Ocean of Light).Just we are duing last rights as a tradations and obsarving 12 days Theetu etc are waste of time and Spending money.What we are duing in the earth which is not going to the departed Soul's.Like duing Ammavasi,Grhanams,Yearkly thetheis are not going to Account to the Souls account, in front of the Kalan(Yaman) the a/c is only the own Karmas will takenffor consideration and nothing else. So our Birth purpose is only to escape from the cycle of Eighty Four Lacs of Spices.with regards. S.R.K. ( I am a pure Veg Vedhic Brahmin)
When a Brahmin dies in overseas, people say we need not bath or even do 10 days ceremonies and there is no pollution Why?

Secondly does the Sradha offered in U.S. for the pithur will it reach the concerned person father mother etc.,

Thirdly I don't know if the bramins perform Amavasai tharpanam there if you what will they chant, Bharatha varshe, Bharatha Kande or America varshe America Kande?

Will they follow the strict Veg and our rituals there ?

Here we take meals on Sradha Day at 3 P.M. and putting leave, or do the Sradha at 8 A.M. and leave for office at 9 A.M taking midday snacks, having tea at cafe etc.,

In U.S. what is the application?[/QUOTE0
hi ramachandran..
in USA we generally use america khande/dese....any state name
pradese...like kaveri theere...we say missouri/missisipi theere..
ans we have beautiful local panchagams according to
EST..CST..PST....time based....and we do antheysthi
generally in nearest funeral home...amavasya tarpanam
still do here....many homes still typical tamil brahmin paddathi/
strict vegetarians here...there are some grihasthas goes to office
in the morning and do sraddha at midday..means madhyanikam
kalam...may not be as eloborated as in india..becoz sometimes
the depends upon the availability of priests...but kashi/gaya
sraddha preferable....

When there is one bhu-lokam which was initially termed as baratham,the scriptures accordingly was ordained.By virtue of so many countries now,the bhu-lokam has not split,its still one only.To accomadate each countries citizenry,changes are being done during invocation.If one visits western countries,one will be able to see the cleanliness inwardly as well as outwardly.Seeing is believing in this matter.

In a second the mind is able to travel at a speed which no meter can decipher at waht speed.Like that,if one does any karma with utmost devotion,the lord within and outside is definitely pleased.Its all the more acceptable norm,if a guru blesses you,becoz its only your own conscience ultimately which questions you whether,one thing is right or wrong.If your conscience,in your pithru karyam,is blemishless,why to worry.

Morever,if the pithrus are unhappy,the people in bhu-lokam will definitely come to know.Preethis for pithru are being done constantly by our elders in society.So,we all are safe to do our karyamas,wherever we are.If,possiblr destination India,for hindus will add a filip,in my perspective.Thank you!.

The Brahmins I know who live here will practise the 10 day custom when a relative passes away back home. (Sri Lanka for sure) Technology of the phone helps. So do Vellalars except its 31 days. My limited understanding is that it is more about allowing the soul to get free from the world and not linger. At least in the case of temples, as they draw souls from the astral world. This way the soul is free to move on.

Aum Namasivaya

can i get information as to who will undertaske to do srartham for my parents at thier site in chennai


this is a strange question. please elaborate what you mean.

do you follow TB customs? where do you live? what is your concern?

thank you.
When a person dies in US & other countries

The kartha can not abdicate his duties of offering tharpanam or shraarddha to the pithrus just because they happened to die in a foreign country or the kartha is staying in a foreign land.After their demise,they take various forms (Vasu,Rudra&Aditya) irrespective of their place of death and they are required to be "fed" in their pithru loga every year which is supposed to be every day for them.There are many learned people in Dharma Sastras residing in other countries and these great souls strive to maintain our bhramincal traditions and customs in those far off lands for the benefit of people who really have belief in them.

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