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What we can expect from some of us?

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I want to ask this to our fellow members, not just out of curiosity, but to explore if something fruitful can be done.

1. From Large Industrialists:

Having many resources at their command and control and having good contacts at
various levels of the society, what they can do and what is the least expected of
them, in the larger interests of the tamil brahmins community?

2. From Senior Bureaucrats:

Being at the top level decision-making group and possessing vast powers and
authority at the centre and at the states, in what way these people can help our
community? (I personally know these are the people who are very reluctant to
reveal their cultural identity) So, without compromising their stand, whether
they can do some help to us?

3. From Senior Politicians:

By politicians, I mean MLAs and MPs and of course, the union ministers
and the state ministers and also those holding the high offices of Governors
and above. Being in a position to guide or change the destiny of our nation,
what can the tamil brahmins in these positions do for us, without being
labeled as parochial?

4. From Non-Resident Indians:

Usually well-educated and having better financial status than most of their
Indian counterparts, what these NRIs can do for us?

5. From our own members of this forum:

Many of us are well-educated or well-informed, I would say. And many of
us are in a position to render whatever little help to others, which we have
been doing already. Yet, what can we do further in this direction?

I will come out with my own answers in the form of suggestions, later. In the
meantime, I call upon our beloved fellow-members to respond with their own
views and remarks.

But, I honestly admit that I don’t have an answer to the question, ‘why all these should offer their help at all?’
Not open for further replies.

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